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KONTAKT SUPER 10 Switch & Contact Cleaning Lubricant - 200ml Stock Number: ES1953244

A switch and contact cleaner that removes grease and tarnish from contact surfaces and cuts voltage drop between contacts

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KONTAKT SUPER 10 Switch & Contact Cleaning Lubricant - 200ml

The SUPER 10 Switch & Contact Cleaner quickly removes grease, tarnish and other contaminants from contact surfaces. It leaves a protective film that reduces resistance, improves current flow and protects against friction. This results in smoother operation, longer lifespan and fewer problems with your electronics.

Once applied, it will eliminate contact bounce and stop the damage that can be caused by arcing between contacts.


  • Used for repairing vintage radios, amplifiers, mixers, electric guitars and basses
  • Fix all types of sound crackles
  • Potentiometer type controls
  • Switches and sliding contacts
  • Suitable for professional technicians or DIY enthusiasts


  • Apply directly to the components to be treated.
  • Do not use on live electrical equipment.
  • After spraying, always leave for at least 4-5 minutes to allow the dispersal of solvent vapours, before operating the equipment.


  • Capacity: 200ml
  • Removes grease, tarnish and other contamination from contact surfaces
  • Cuts voltage drop between contacts
  • Leaves a protective lubricating film

KONTAKT SUPER 10 Switch & Contact Cleaning Lubricant - 200ml

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