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Panasonic EW1211 Rechargeable Water Flosser Stock Number: ES1788164

Panasonic EW1211 Rechargeable Water Flosser - ES1788164

Clean areas that your toothbrush can't reach and remove food particles with a choice of two water jet modes

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Manufactured by Panasonic

Panasonic EW1211 Rechargeable Water Flosser

 Removes food residue and plaque from underneath the gum line 
 Clean in between your teeth to remove plaque
 Easier to use than interdental brushes or dental floss

Introducing the Panasonic EW1211 Rechargeable Water Oral Irrigator, designed to complement your regular brushing routine by gently cleaning the spaces in between your teeth. 

With 2 different water jet and air modes that use a double pump for air and water, you can easily customise your water flossing experience depending on your own preference. The EW1211 features a jet mode that provides a powerful, pulsating high water jet to remove plaque or food lodged between your teeth. A softer air in jet mode combines pulsating water and air to clean periodontal pockets and under the gum line for gentle massaging. 

The Panasonic EW1211 is compact in size yet provides you with a complete dental care routine. It is quick and easy to use in comparison to interdental brushes or string floss. Boasting advanced triple oral care, this irrigator thoroughly cleans periodontal pockets, whilst providing interdental care and promoting gum health.

This Oral Irrigator is designed with a completely removable water tank that is integrated into the handle, allowing you to easily clean it with mild detergent. In addition, a full 130ml water tank provides an impressive 35 seconds of water flossing.

Being 100% washable and waterproof, the EW1211 is easy to clean under the tap without the worry of a build-up from calcium and food deposits. With a wall-mountable, non-contact charging stand, your Oral Irrigator can be charged in a safe way that is protected from water and spray. Ergonomically designed and easy to grip, the EW1211 is easy to handle even with a full tank. A cleverly designed rotating nozzle allows you to change the direction of the water flow, by adjusting to the position of your teeth. 


  • Model Number: EW1211
  • Colour: Blue/White
  • Interchangeable brushes

  • Three-level water jet intensity
  • Water Container: 130 ml
  • Pump Frequency: 1400 pulses per minute
  • Water Pressure: Up to 590 kPa in 3 steps
  • Water Flossing Duration: 35 seconds
  • Cordless Run Time: 15 minutes

  • Power Source: 2.4 V DC, 100 - 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz

  • Dimensions (mm):  Width (57) × Height (197) × Depth (74)