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Dr. Beckmann Rescue Oven Cleaner – 375ml Stock Number: ES1777631

Dr. Beckmann Rescue Oven Cleaner – 375ml - ES1777631

Give your oven a good clean using the trusted name of Dr.Beckmann, this gel cleaner is perfect for leaving your oven sparkling clean, need the right cleaning cloths ? try our ES1641187, Hob & Oven Micro Fibre Cloth Pack

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Manufactured by Dr. Beckmann

(This part fits select models)

Dr. Beckmann Rescue Oven Cleaner – 375ml

Once again Dr.Beckamnn is at it again, this time helping you clean your oven. This active oven gel cleaner has a low odour making it perfect for cleaning your oven and not being left with an overpowering chemical scent.

As this cleaner is a gel and not your standard liquid form cleaner, when applied to a vertical surface the gel clings. This is of course ideal for cleaning your oven cavity, doors, baking trays, grills and even the BBQ.

The Rescue Oven Cleaner comes in 375ml spray bottle and is fast acting against the grime found on and in your oven. The cleaner is perfect for use on vitreous enamel surfaces. If you want a reliable cleaner then Dr.Beckmann will leave your oven free of baked on food, grease and grime resulting in a sparkling oven ready for the next meal.

Simple to Use: Start by shaking well and with the nozzle turned to the ON position evenly spray the active gel onto your grimey surfaces and close the door.

Leave the cleaner to work for approximately 30-60 minutes or 24 hours depending on how soiled your oven it.

Wash out the oven with a clean cloth and hot soapy water, and turn the nozzle to the OFF position when finished.

Safety Information:

  • Not to be used on self-cleaning ovens.
  • Not to be sprayed into ventilation or fans.
  • Not to be sprayed on printed, lacquered, aluminium or plastic surfaces.



To download COSHH details click here

Dr. Beckmann Rescue Oven Cleaner – 375ml