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Melitta Automatic Coffee Machines Anti-Calc Powder – Pack of 2 Stock Number: ES1777377

Melitta Automatic Coffee Machines Anti-Calc Powder – Pack of 2 - ES1777377

Don't use vinegar to descale your expensive fully automatic coffee machine, instead opt for this pack of two efficient and powerful bags of Anti-Calc powder

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Manufactured by Melitta

(This part fits select models)

Melitta Automatic Coffee Machine Anti-Calc Powder – Pack of 2

A cup of coffee is nearly 99% water; and as such the quality of the water that is being used is an important factor in brewing the perfect cup of coffee. Water contains minerals such as magnesium and calcium, and over time these minerals will accumulate on the element and causing limescale. When this happens it is important to descale your coffee in order to remove the limescale.

It is suggested that you can use vinegar with water to descale your coffee maker, and although that could work, it would not be as effective as these high quality, powerful and efficient bags of anti-calc powder. Unlike using vinegar, this powder is neutral in odour - so you can rest assure that your machine won’t be scented with the harsh smells of chemicals or that unpleasant vinegar stench. Containing a powerful corrosion inhibitor, this anti-calc powder helps protect the high quality components within your high-quality coffee machine.

To ensure the longevity of your appliance you will want to regularly descale your machine with anti-calc powder. Most recommendations propose to use a single sachet once a month, so with this pack of 2 you are guaranteed a better brew for up to two months!


  • Pack of 2 x 40g bags
  • Odourless and not harsh of your coffee machines components
  • Perfect for fully automatic coffee makers