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Dr Beckmann Hardwood & Parquet Floor Cleaner Stock Number: ES1774068

Dr Beckmann Hardwood & Parquet Floor Cleaner - ES1774068

Leave your hardwood and parquet floors looking healthy and give them a natural shine throughout your home

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Manufactured by Dr. Beckmann

(This part fits select models)

Dr Beckmann Hardwood & Parquet Floor Cleaner

 Clean and nourish wooden floors

 Helps even-out small, light scratches

 Joint protection formula

Having hardwood and parquet floors can be very expensive but of course they will leave your home looking marvellous. With fancy floors like that you don’t want to use some generic laminate floor cleaning solution and some warm soapy water.

Maintaining such high quality floors you’ll want a product which will clean and sustain your hardwood and parquet floors. When engineering this floor cleaner, Dr Beckmann was ’inspired by nature’ and therefore ensured that this hardwood and parquet floor cleaner is perfect for safeguarding the joints and edges of your floors.

Dr Beckmann hardwood & parquet Floor Cleaner utilises a very clever bioprotect formula – which is what leaves your floor clean, nourished and adding a natural healthy shine. The unique formula helps hinder moisture from penetrating the joints and edges which could sometimes cause your floor to lift and no longer retain their original appearance.

It comes in a 1 litre capacity which can be diluted to stretch out and give you longer protection for your floors. Using just two caps of cleaner to five litres of luke-warm water, simply apply the cleaning agent evenly over your floors and you can rest assured that your floors will continue to shine.

Perfectly suited to work on sealed or unsealed floors, this formula is perfect for heavy traffic areas as the cleaner helps even out light scratches caused by footware.


  • 1 Litre Capacity
  • Clever bioprotect formula
  • Used diluted or neat on heavy traffic areas
  • Perfect for outdoors or hardwood decking

To download COSHH details click here

Dr Beckmann Hardwood & Parquet Floor Cleaner