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Rolson Microfibre Cloth - Pack of 10 Stock Number: ES1756719

Suitable for use in many different applications including vehicles, around the house, dusting & cleaning

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Manufactured by Rolson

(This part fits select models)

Rolson Microfibre Cloth - Pack of 10

Cleaning is a chore that you never look forward to completing, but unfortunately it’s a task which can’t be ignored; however, it is possible to simplify cleaning. Get your housekeeping finished in record time with this pack of microfibre cloths from Rolson.

Complete the cleaning as easily as giving your surfaces a wipe. These microfibre cleaning cloths take the hassle out of cleaning the windows, television screens and many other surfaces which require a more delicate wipe over. With a dimension of 400 x 300mm these cloths are perfect for all manner of tasks, whether it’s in or out of the home.

A major bonus to using a microfibre cloth is that due to the non-abrasive material these cloths will not scratch surfaces.


  • Material: Ultra soft non-abrasive microfibre
  • Dimensions: 400mm x 300mm
  • Pack of 10

Rolson Microfibre Cloth - Pack of 10

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