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Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Pre-Filter Stock Number: ES1659947

Genuine spare part for select models of Dyson vacuum cleaners

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Manufactured by Dyson

(This part fits select models)

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Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Pre-Filter

If you are finding that your vacuum simply isn't performing like you are used to, by maybe picking up less dirt and debris, then it could actually be a sign that you need to change your filters. The pre-motor filter in your vacuum plays an essential role in the running of your vacuum, as it acts as a protection to the motor. Over time filters can become blocked, and they should be replaced on a regular basis.

The replacement of filters in your vacuum is an essential part of the care and maintenance needed, in order for you to continue to get the best cleaning performance from your vacuum. eSpares has this replacement pre-motor filter, that could soon be yours to help get your vacuum ready for top cleaning action again.

Genuine spare part suitable for select models of Dyson vacuum cleaners.

Please check the list of suitable models to ensure that this spare part will fit your appliance.

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3 Questions and 7 Answers

I have cleaned the filter but still have the problem this product is still under guarantee

By mkj - S.devon - 03 February 2017
  • There could be a blockage in the bin, If you press the red trigger once it releases the lid of the bin, press it a 2nd time and the bin will disengage from the body. There is a small flap inside the bin if it's blocked or jammed your V6 Absolute will have the symptoms described. Just make sure the flap is moving freely and working correctly, re_connect the bin to the body and you'll be back in business. By Steve Montgomery - Wirral - 20 April 2018
  • Hi ADB. Could you clarify where the filter in the body is? I have washed the pre-filter but still have the start-stop problem. I do not have a 'purple unit'. My machine is red and silver. By RJT - Notts - 15 June 2017
  • I had the same problem. What I had not realised is that there are two filters, the long one available from espares and another in the purple unit at the back of the body. Once I removed that and cleaned it the machine worked perfectly. Note you clean the rear filter under the tap and Dyson recommend leaving it 24 hours to dry before refitting and using the machine By ADB - - 26 February 2017
  • Chris from eSpares
    Chris at eSpares says...

    Contact the retailer or their service agents for products under warranty.

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By Jackcson - - 14 March 2017
  • It is washable produces a rather bad smell (similar to the smell of cat-pee !) even when completely dry, so I would recommend replacement rather than washing. By TC - London - 09 September 2018
  • Parminder from eSpares
    Parminder at eSpares says...

    We can confirm this filter is washable.

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By Eric Restall - Alton, Hampshire - 07 September 2018
  • Parminder from eSpares
    Parminder at eSpares says...

    After checking the user manual for DC59 we can only see one blue cylinder filter, that fits above the dirt container. We are not aware of any second filter.

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