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Everything you need to know about restoring your garden appliances…

Now that the weather has really started warming up, you’ll likely be wanting to spruce up your garden… but that can’t be done without sprucing up your garden appliances first!

Before you get stuck in with replenishing and grooming your outdoor spaces, make sure all of your garden gear is in the right shape to get the job done. Your appliances will thank you for it, and your garden will look all the better once tended to by revitalised equipment!


If your lawnmower hasn’t been cleaned or checked since last summer, make sure you give it the TLC it needs before putting it to use! A good scrub with a stiff, dry brush is all it takes to get it looking ready for action. You can even use a utensil such as a wooden spoon to get rid of caked-on dirt and grass from the underside. Just be careful around the blade, and remember to switch off and unplug your mower first! Here’s our lawnmower cleaning guide to give you a hand:

Speaking of the blade, make sure yours isn’t too rusted or dull to cut your grass evenly. A quick spray with some WD-40 will protect it from corrosion, but you can always buy a new blade if your current one is beyond saving. If you aren’t sure how to change your lawnmower blade, simply watch our guide video below! Of course, the process may vary depending on your model of lawnmower, but this should help get you started at the very least:


Just like lawnmowers, grass trimmers should be kept clean to keep them working effectively for longer, so make sure yours isn’t too dirty or clogged. After switching off and unplugging your trimmer, give it a good wipe down and clear the vents if needed, just be sure to avoid the switch and motor areas if you’re using a damp cloth. You can use a soft brush or vacuum cleaner for clearing the vents, and doing so will keep your trimmer ventilated and working properly for longer.

It’s also a good idea to make sure your trimmer’s spool and line are in good shape too. If the line has run out or the spool is damaged in any way, make sure you replace them to keep your trimmer running at 100%! Our video below will run you through the process of changing a spool and line in no time:


If you’ve got some heavy-duty gardening to get stuck into, stop and wait before revving up the chainsaw! First, make sure the chain is in working order and replace it if needed. And, if you do replace your chain, make sure you keep it in good condition for future use. It’s recommended to sharpen your chainsaw chain around once every two uses.

However, if your chainsaw is looking particularly worse for wear, you may need to change the entire bar. After all, an old, warped or faulty bar can cause damage and even injury, so this isn’t something to neglect! For further guidance, take a look at our step-by-step chain and chainsaw bar replacement videos below:

Hopefully, with the advice provided, you’re now prepared to spruce up your garden appliances and get stuck into some garden grooming! While you’re here, make sure you’re fully equipped for smaller gardening tasks as well as larger ones with our blog on 12 excellent gardening tools you could be missing out on.

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