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How to master your spare time to complete those DIY tasks

Be honest. How long has that flat pack furniture been sitting there for? Or how long have you been ignoring that strange noise coming from washing machine or meaning to start that building project? You’re not alone!

If you’re struggling for DIY project motivation, we’re here to help. Here are 7 things to keep in mind that will help you clear your diary and get started. You’ll thank us when it’s done!

Stop saying ‘tomorrow’

Abandoned Flat Pack Furniture

Because tomorrow never comes! Putting your DIY projects off for another day just means they sit there and gather dust. Decide on a day and a time to get your projects done and do your best to stick to your plans.

Avoid “Zero” Days

Woman Painting Wooden Cabinet

If you’re really struggling to motivate yourself, commit to at least having no “zero” days where you do zero work on your project. Even if you screw one screw in at 11.59pm, that’s progress! And by the time you’ve got everything out and ready to do that one little thing you’ll probably find it’s much easier to keep working on your project.

Replenish your toolbox

Wooden Box Full Of Tools
There’s not much worse than being ready to start a DIY project and realising you don’t have the right tools! Before you start (and in case of any unexpected DIY disasters) make sure your toolbox has everything you need. Each task requires different tools but here’s a checklist of the main things you should have to hand, just in case!

Set goals

Man Working Out Plan For ProjectSet yourself a time that you want to have your project completed by. When you have a target in your head, it will give you more motivation to get moving.

Be realistic

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But make sure you’re being realistic. There’s no point setting yourself an unachievable target, you’ll just get disheartened. Work out how long you think a project will take you and give yourself some extra time, maybe an extra day to account for unexpected errors. Plus, if you finish earlier than your deadline, you can give yourself a pat on the back!

Do your research

Computer Keyboard With DIY Tips
Before you start any kind of DIY, be sure you know what you’re doing. Contrary to popular opinion, instructions DO matter! Use Google to research anything before you start and remember YouTube is your best friend. If it’s flatpack furniture, read the instructions a couple of times to make sure you understand. If you’re fixing an appliance, research possible faults so you know what you’re looking for. Or, if it’s a whole new project to you, look up how other people have tackled it and any problems they have experienced so you’re fully prepared.

Go easy on yourself!

Woman Enjoying Painting
DIY isn’t always easy. If it’s harder than you thought or taking longer than you imagined, that’s ok. Take a break, give yourself some more time or try a new way. You’re giving it a go and that’s all that matters!

Feeling ready to go yet? Check out these 8 reasons why DIY is also good for your wellbeing for even more motivation!

Good luck, DIYers!

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