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10 super easy ways to improve your DIY skills

Many people avoid DIY projects in fear of getting it wrong. But learning DIY and broadening your skills are much easier than you think!

Here are 10 easy steps to help you improve your skills from ensuring you have the right tools to talking to others.

No matter where your DIY journey takes you, there’s always something more to learn!

Do a course

Computer Keyboard With DIY Tips

DIY is not something you think you could learn on a course. But actually, there are plenty online that you can try from home improvement and maintenance skills to power tools usage! A course is a great place to start, improve your skills or ensure you’re fully equipped if anything was to go wrong in your home.

Watch videos

Smart Phone Helping With DIY

Before you begin a project, be sure to watch a video tutorial first. Instructions can be frustrating but a video actually shows you what to do in real-time. Follow step-by-step how-to guides and learn from others who have done the same or similar projects. YouTube is a great place to start.

Talk to others

Two Men Helping Each Other DIY

Chatting to others about your projects can be a great way to learn! You can share tips, discuss where you went wrong and be fully prepared for how long it may take you. You never know which one of your friends or colleagues is actually a DIY enthusiast too!

Join a DIY community

Woman Doing DIY On Laptop

Friends not really that into it? Join a community instead! You could talk on forums, join a Restart party where people get together and repair household goods, or chat on Facebook pages full of DIYers and repairers! You’ll learn tips and tricks and get to chat with like-minded people too!

Tackle the basics

Woman Fixing Leaking Tap

If you’re a DIY beginner, it’s best to start small. Tackle some niggly appliance faults, put up a shelf or bleed your radiators. Once you’ve mastered the small things you can work your way up to the bigger tasks and build your confidence too!

Invest in the best tools

Wooden Box Full Of Tools

They say a bad workman blames his tools, but sometimes not having the correct ones can be to blame! Refresh your toolbox with the basics such as a tape measure, screwdrivers and a hammer and you’ll be ready for anything!

Finish your projects

Paintbrush And Unfinished Wall

The tap that still has masking tape around it, the new floorboards that are gathering dust in the attic, they aren’t going to sort themselves! Start your new DIY journey by finishing off all the projects you’ve started or those you tell yourself you’ll do tomorrow! It will give you a great boost and the motivation to start new ones.

Learn something new

Candle Making With Flowers

Already a DIY pro? Why not try something different! If you’re a master of repairing, put your skills to the upcycling test! Create something new out of something old or give a new lease of life to a broken item. Try taking up painting or woodwork, you might find a brand new hobby and learn skills that will help you with your DIY repertoire.

Pass on your knowledge

Man Teaching Son To Fix

A great way to learn is to pass your knowledge on to your friends, your children or loved ones. It will help you go back over what you know and maybe even find new ways of doing things.

Don’t fear failure

Man Inside Flatpack Furniture

Everyone, and we mean everyone, has made mistakes when it comes to DIY. It only makes you better next time! Don’t put off projects in fear of failing. If you do something wrong, try another way or find a solution. You’ll never learn if you don’t give it go!

Talking of DIY fails, why not take a look at our DIY How-Don’t guide for tips on what not to do when performing DIY!

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