Clean Interior In Car

6 Super Useful Handheld Vac Uses You Need To Know About

If a plate of crisps gets overturned at a party, or someone treks in grass from the garden, out comes the handheld vac. But your trusty crumb sucker is good for more than just occasional spillages.

Here are some awesome ways to use your handheld vacuum more often and really get your money’s worth.

Clean Interior In Car

Cleaning Your Car

If you’re happily using your handheld vac around the home, but lugging your main vacuum cleaner outside to vacuum your car, you’re missing a trick! There’s no need to fiddle about with extension cables and crevice attachments to get your car clean with your bulky vacuum. Whip around your car with your nifty, portable handheld instead. Much easier!

Spiders Webs In Garden Shed

Dusting Cobwebs

Feather dusters are so 1950s. Times have changed and your handheld vac is far more effective at clearing out the cobwebs. It’s a lot easier to whip out than to lug about your main vacuum cleaner too; you can get into the corners of your rooms without your arms aching! A handheld vac is especially useful for garden shed cobwebs where there’s no power supply.

Stairway With Two Floors

Cleaning the Stairs

Anyone who’s ever tried to vacuum the stairs whilst simultaneously balancing the vacuum cleaner knows how perilous this task can be. At any moment your appliance could topple and drag you down with it! A handheld vacuum is much less perilous! Sadly you do still have to carry the vacuum cleaner up and down the stairs to vacuum both floors unless you have two!

Earrings And Necklaces On Floor

Finding Lost Earrings 

If you’ve dropped an earring on the carpet and you still haven’t found it after brushing your hands over the surface you may be tempted to resign your jewellery as lost for good.  Not so fast! Attach some tights over the nozzle of the vac and run it over the carpet. With any luck, the vac will suck up the earring onto the tights (which will stop your jewellery being sucked into the vac itself). This trick also works for small parts of children’s toys, glasses screws and anything else tiny you can’t find amongst your shag pile.

Buckets And Spades On Beach

Getting Rid of Sand

A trip to the beach means sand. Sand on your feet, sand in your bags and sand on your beach equipment. To minimise the amount of sand coming back with you from the beach, take the handheld vac with you and vacuum down your feet and your buckets and spades before you pack them away. Please note: Getting all the sand out of every crevice is officially impossible – you’ll probably still be finding it at the bottom of your bags for months!

Childrens Toys on Floor

Tidying Up Quietly

When you’ve got your little ones off to sleep (at last) you may feel like you need to have a quick tidy up before you put your feet up. But the one chore you can’t do is the vacuuming for fear of waking the kids. With the quieter handheld vac, you can quickly and easily tackle crumbs without disturbing anyone’s slumber. The same goes if you live in a flat or terraced house and can’t vacuum in the evening for fear of disturbing the neighbours.

Handheld Vac Black And White Graphic

Top 3 Handheld Vac Maintenance Tips

  • Empty your vacuum after every use. Handheld vacs have a small capacity to hold dirt and keeping them clean stops bacteria build up.
  • Clean or replace the vacuum filters regularly to ensure maximum suction and effectiveness.
  • Keep your vac charged. Leaving it with no charge for long periods will damage the batteries.

Now fire up your vac and make the most of this handy little appliance! If you want to get more out of your other appliances too, we’ve also got some great advice on avoiding common steam cleaning mistakes or getting the most from your window vacuum. Keeping your home efficiently clean has never been as easy!

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