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Why Won’t My Gas Hob Light?

If you are experiencing issues with a gas hob not lighting on your cooker, below is some welcome help and support. Look through our step-by-step diagnosis guide which lists possible parts that could be at fault, causing the problem to your gas oven.

Hopefully this advice will prove useful to you in being able to identify the reason why your gas hob is not being lit.

During these modern times, gas cookers use electronic ignition systems, and these light the burners providing you with the flames to ensure that you can cook your food.

When any of these ignition systems falter you will find yourself in the inconvenient situation of not being able to use your hob - which is the reason you have visited this advice page.

Cause 1

Spark Generator

The spark generator is the electronic module which provides the power to create the spark at your electrodes, when the generator is working fine then your electrodes will spark and “click” the flame into life.

Diagnosing a fault with the spark module is simple:

  • To begin simply press the button which would normally generate the spark on your burners.
  • If none of the electrodes “click” or emit a spark then you can confirm that your fault is with the spark module.

You can obtain replacement cooker and hob spares from the eSpares website, where we have a large range of spark generators.

Cause 2


The electrode connects from the spark generator and is the little nub which pokes out under the burner skirt and plate. Over time this can become faulty, to identify if your electrode is having some issues you can diagnose it by following these steps:

  • Hold down the ignition with the gas on as you would to ignite your burners
  • If at least one burner ignites then you have identified that the fault is likely to be with the electrode.

If your electrode needs to be replaced it is not all bad news, as here at eSpares we have a wide range of electrodes within our cooker and hob related spares.