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Dyson Small Ball Keeps Dragging

Vacuum cleaners are designed to effortlessly glide over many types of floors, such as carpet, wood or even lino - but what happens when your upright vacuum cleaner can no longer move smoothly?

From tangled brush bars to damaged soleplates, below we have highlighted the most common causes which could be leaving your hoover to be dragged around.

Cause 1

Brush Bar

A reason why your Dyson may not be smoothly running over your floors could be all thanks to the brush bar. Over time the brush will become entangled by hairs and fibres resulting in it to no longer turn.

Safety First! Please make sure your appliance is switched off before beginning any maintenance work.

When this happens you will want to turn your cleaner over and carefully cut away anything which could be halting the brush from spinning.

Removing anything that could be blocking the rotary brush can help ensure that your cleaner continues to perform the job it was intended for. However if the brush is no longer in a fit state then you may want to consider a replacement, luckily eSpares have a host of replacement brush bars to help restore your vacuum cleaner.

Cause 2


The soleplate helps keep the brush bar connected, and if you find that it is damaged in some manner it will greatly affect the performance of your vacuum. If your soleplate has seen better days and no longer functions then it will require replacing. Once replaced you should be back to a smooth running Dyson.

Luckily at eSpares we have a range of replacement soleplates available, which should help restore your hoover and give back the freedom of movement to your Dyson once again.

Cause 3


If you have checked the brush bar and soleplate, and it has still not solved the issue, then you may also want to check the cleaner head slider.

Simply change the slider from max to min and retest the machine. This simple check can be the difference between a working cleaner that moves well or not.