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Washing Machine Drum Won’t Spin

If you have noticed that your washing machine drum is no longer spinning there may be a couple of straightforward fixes which we may be able to assist you in getting it resolved.

Within this article, we have identified some of the key causes which could potentially be the reason why your washer has stopped spinning.

Reading this article could shine a light on the current fault you are facing, and help you to troubleshoot your appliance.

A washing machine not spinning is a very common problem which many domestic washing machines may face.

Hopefully, this advice page will be able to help you avoid those costly engineer costs, or even mean that you do not need to start browsing for a new expensive washing machine.

Cause 1

Drain Pump

A faulty pump could be suspect to your drum not spinning, the first signs of this infuriating scenario can be identified due to the remaining water left in your drum. When the wash cycle has completed and water still occupies the tub, this can be caused because of a blocked or failed pump.

If blocked by loose change or hair grips the pump may fail leading to the drum to no longer spin.

Safety First! Please make sure that you have disconnected the appliance from the mains before beginning any repair.

  • When inspecting the pump remember to have something underneath the filter to catch the water, remove any debris from the filter and inspect the impeller 
  • The pump impeller should rotate easily - it’s magnetic which should cause the impeller to spring back to a number of stop positions. If unblocking the pump makes no change then you will need to test the pump using a multimeter
  • When checking for resistance, you should be looking at a typical reading of between 100 - 300 Ohms. (See here for instruction on how to use a multimeter)

Anything higher or no resistance then the pump has failed and will require a replacement.

If a replacement is needed then head over to our washing machine page, where we have an extensive range of spare pumps to help you be on your way to a fixed washing machine.

Follow our how-to guide to replace your faulty pump and restore your washing machine back to working condition.

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Cause 2

Unbalanced Load

If your washing machine is unbalanced it could cause a frighteningly thunderous banging. At best, a thumping and jumping machine is a nuisance - however, if not resolved the drum could stop altogether which of course is why you are here.

By applying a simple fix, which we advise below - you may be able to save your washer from heading to the scrap yard.

  • Remove your current washing load and start a cycle empty to confirm that the drum still spins.

If the machine operates as normal then the fault originally lied with the appliance being loaded with one or two heavy weighing items causing an unbalanced load.

To help counter this problem, balancing the heavy garments when washing should help ensure the drum can spin.

Another possible solution would be to separate your heavy garments and perform a “heavy wash”.

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