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Washing Machine Draining Problems

Washing machines help us to keep our clothes clean, using its magic to fill the tub with clean water and drain the dirty water during the wash cycle.

If you have come to empty the washer at the end of the cycle, only to find that all the soapy, dirty water has not drained properly could spell disaster.

When a washing machine doesn’t drain, a host of other faults may arise if it is not dealt with.

We have identified the most common causes which may be the root of your problem, and have provided you with some helpful hints on diagnosing and restoring your washer.

Cause 1

Blocked Filter

If your washer is not draining, the most likely reason is that the filter is blocked - and with this living in the pump assembly; to get to the filter there is usually a door at the bottom right-hand side (but of course, this does depend on your model)

  • Small objects such as keys, coins and hair clips may end up in the drain pump.

Safety First! Please make sure that you've switched off your appliance and disconnected it from the mains before beginning any repair.

The filter allows you to easily remove any unwanted items that are restricting the water from draining out.

  • You will need to drain the water before you can open the filter.
  • The quickest way to drain a machine that is not emptying is by lowering the drain hose to a bowl.
  • Remove the pump filter and make sure you place a tray or towels underneath to collect any excess water.
  • Some machines may have an emergency drain hose so you can remove any water if your appliance stops full of water.

If your filter is faulty, it’ll need replacing! However, this is where we can offer you some good news regarding the situation. You can browse our extensive range of washing machine filters that we have within our selection of washing machine spares on eSpares.

See our Washing Machine Pump and Draining diagnostic video.

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