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Win an electric Fiat 500 Electric Action! Spend over £30 or send us a letter...

Vacuum Cleaner Not Picking Up Dirt

Vacuum cleaners are perfect for all homes regardless of size; without them you would be left to clean your floors using a sweeping brush. We know of course that this would be less effective - leaving the dust and dirt deeply ingrained inside your carpets and floors.

Over time even when the bags are changed you may still suffer from performance issues. With the possible loss of suction, there is a selection of quick tests and fixes which may increase the suction and operation of your vacuum. 

Cause 1


One of the prime culprits which can reduce the overall suction and power to your cleaner could be due to a blockage. If there is a blockage within the extension wand or hose,  air will struggle to pass. A selection of quick checks could help you identify the cause and get your cleaner unblocked and sucking again in no time.

  • With the cleaner on listen to the sound of the motor, if you hear an obvious whining sound there could be a blockage.
  • Check to see if there is anything blocking the floor tool’s suction, all manner of objects can be lodged in blocking your cleaner.

For further information on removing blockages please see our helpful article and video:

How To >

Cause 2

Dirty Filters

When the bags have been changed and any blockages removed, you may find that the power of your vacuum may still be heavily reduced compared to its first cleaning job. Over time the filter will become blocked from all the dust collected. 

The filters are designed to catch dust and pollen particles from the air flowing inside the vacuum.

If you’ve forgotten to check the filters, follow our tips below to clean out your filters and get your cleaner performing as it should.

Safety First! Please make sure that you have disconnected the appliance from the mains before beginning any repair.

  • After removing the filter from the vacuum simply tap the filter on a hard surface to release the dust. 
  • Some filters can be washed, this can be identified by a tap symbol on the filter. If it's particularly grimy give it a good rinse under the tap.
  • eSpares Top Tip: replacing or cleaning the filters not only improves suction but helps cool the motor from heat generated in use. 

If your filter isn’t washable or damaged you’ll need a replacement. See our extensive range of spare vacuum cleaner filters to help get your house spick and span.