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Vacuum Cleaner Brushes Not Turning

When the vacuum cleaner brush is not spinning, you’ll find that your floors will remain covered in all manner of dirt and debris. To ensure that your home can continue to be clean, diagnosing the fault at hand can help you identify the problem allowing you get your cleaner repaired and restored.

Cause 1


Having your cleaner’s belt break during vacuuming can make for a very frustrating situation to find yourself in, without the belt your brushbar will not spin resulting in your floor being left to gather dust and debris. There are many reasons which may result in your belt snapping - from the bar becoming stuck due to wear and tear. To best ensure that you can keep your brush spinning, it is worth knowing how to diagnose a snapped belt. If the cleaner is no longer performing as it once did then:

  • Check to see if the brush roll is turning.
  • If not while the cleaner is turned off and unplugged try to turn the brush bar.
  • If it is spinning with no resistance then you can suspect the belt is broken.

If you do require a new belt, check out our range of spares for the perfect replacement.

To replace the belt check out our easy to follow guide which details how to remove the belt and fit a new one. 

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