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Oven Door Won’t Close

If you have tried to shut the oven door but it has trouble closing, you are at the right place for some help and support. You can soon learn how to fix your cooker door with a simple repair, using our step-by-step instructions and video tutorials.

We will inform you of the possible reasons for why your oven door might not shut - and what specific parts could be the cause of the issue.

The fact you have found your way to this article indicates that you are currently suffering from a door which is not able to be sealed as it should be - or the door is unevenly hanging.

We have researched the main causes which are most likely to be responsible for your currently faulty appliance and are able to offer our assistance.

Issues which may arise from a door that is not closing correctly can be a loss of heat, which could result in injury to you or potential damage to your control knobs.

If heat is escaping from your oven then it is recommended to repair it as soon as possible, as the issue of heat escaping from your oven can not only mean your food taking longer to cook, but also the extra work required by your oven could reduce the efficiency of your element.

To get an understanding and some assistance to resolve these faults, read on and we can help you to restore your cooker back to full working order - so you can continue to cook your delicious meals without any delay.

Cause 1

Door Hinges

In most scenarios, the main fault with an oven door not closing correctly would be as a result of faulty door hinges, and this could be possibly affecting a single hinge or even both in some instances.

If any of the hinges on your oven door have become damaged, then it is ideal for you to replace them as soon as you can, to ensure your cooker can continue to safely cook your tasty meal creations with a stable and reliable door fitted securely.

If you do need to replace the hinges on your oven door, you can check out our online catalogue for our replacement hinges - all within our large range of cooker and hob related spares.

Once you have the correct hinges for your model, we can help you to replace them with help from our useful guide below.

How To >

Cause 2

Door Seal

If your door is evenly pressed against the oven, and after inspecting the hinges all seems fine, you are still experiencing hot air leaking out from it - you could have a fault with the door seal.

Over time the seal can perish, and when this occurs the heat will escape which can then lead to problems with your food not cooking evenly.

To diagnose a faulty seal, you can perform these following checks to confirm if a replacement is needed.

  • With the oven switched on, have a feel around the door, if you feel warm air blowing out then you will have identified a gap in the seal
  • Check for any clear signs of damage to the seal as this will impair the seals ability to keep the lovely hot air inside your oven

If you have performed these simple steps above, and have realised that your door seal has seen better days and needs to be replaced, then you can find the correct replacement seal here from our range of cooker and hob related spares.

Once you have obtained the correct seal for your model, you can then see our guide below on how to replace the oven door seal yourself.

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Cause 3

Door Catch Striker

It is common that the striker for your oven door will wear over time or it can simply snap off, all due to the constant opening and closing that can eventually lead it to lose its original shape.

When this happens you may find that your door will not close securely. Diagnosis for this issue is simple though, as you can easily see if the striker pin may visibly appear to have worn and changed shape.

If this has unfortunately happened to the door catch striker on your oven door, you will need to get a replacement to be sure that you have a safe and working door on your oven.

For a replacement door striker you can see our extensive range of door spares, which are part of our extensive range of cooker and hob related spares, so you can get your oven door closed again - and be on your way to cooking your meals again soon.

Click below to see our step-by-step video on how to replace an oven door catch and striker pin.

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Cause 4

Door Catch

Along with the door striker, over time the door catch itself can also suffer from wear which can lead to it faltering making your oven door struggle to remain closed.

The striker connects to the catch so if both or either of these parts has worn then they will need to be replaced.

Safety First! Please make sure that you've switched off your appliance and disconnected it from the mains before beginning any repair.

To check that the catch has been well-worn:

  • Open the door - fitted on the inside of the door inspect the catch and rollers

If upon inspecting the door catch it no longer securely holds the door closed, you will need a replacement. However, the good news is that eSpares can help you with a replacement door catch from our range of oven and hob related spares.

For help on replacing your door catch, you can see our video guide below.

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