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My Fridge Water Dispenser Not Working

Sipping on a cool, fresh and clean glass of water is one of the many joys of having a water dispenser fitted to your refrigerator. Especially in hard water areas, this ingenious feature has enabled us to indulge on such delights without all the harsh chemicals.

Now if your water dispenser has come to a halt, don’t fret, we’ve done the legwork for you and gathered the most common causes that may have disrupted your supply of water.

For further information on diagnosing a defrost problem see our video below.

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Cause 1


The function of the thermostat is to control the cooling system by turning on or off the compressor when required. If your refrigerator is not working follow these steps to help identify the fault:

  • Is there power being sent to your appliance? Simply check if the light bulb works. If you can see the light when the door is opened the power is fine.
  • Check the power indicator near the display panel; ensure the thermostat is switched on.
  • Listen for sounds coming from the fridge freezer that would show it’s working.

Safety First! Prior to beginning any repair, please disconnect your appliance from the mains.

  • Use a multimeter to check your thermostat for faults. (See here for instruction on how to use a multimeter)

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Cause 2

Chiller Iced Up

It can be frustrating if you’ve been out in the sun all day, only to come home and find the water dispenser refusing to revive you.

A common cause for your fridge to no longer dispense water is that the water pipe inside the cooling tank may have iced up, which could indicate an insulation issues with the door. The pipe can be located through the door insulation, hence the freeze up. Follow these steps to help identify the fault:

Safety First! Please ensure that you have disconnected the appliance from the mains before starting any repair.

  • Check that the water supply to ensure it is running smooth and not streaming incorrectly.
  • Delve into the ice bucket now - this should display the water flow going into the icemaker.
  • Access the water tube which can be located from the bottom of the appliance through the kick plate.
  • Check to see if the water tube has any ice hugging onto it - usually it’s a push fit water tight joint so should be easy to detach.
  • If water has frozen inside the water tube, thaw and retest for optimum flow.

There you have it very simple steps to get your dispenser serving cool fresh water again.

For further information on diagnosing a defrost problem see our video below.

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