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My Fridge Freezer Smells

Come winter, spring, summer or fall, your fridge works hard throughout the year helping to keep your veggies crisp and your milk fresh for your hot beverages. Without regular care and simple maintenance – our refrigerators may be plagued with problems. In our advice centre we have helped with how to repair faults that may occur, however occasionally you may be hit by a gut wrenching stench every time you open the door.

Unfortunately a distinct pungent, odour from the fridge cabinet may be from simple forgetfulness and clumsiness. If not used those once fresh vegetables can rot and that milk may go off leaving a sour milk scent. A simple spillage - that when left to fester can attract bacteria which can lead to a foul smell.

Luckily we have compiled the most common causes as to why your fridge interior may be home to a terrible smell and we have given some hopefully helpful tips on how to cure it.

Cause 1


Spillages happen - on the worktop, on the carpet, everywhere - it’s an accident but leaving the mess is not! It’s understandable that milk or any other fluid while being stored may spill and through forgetfulness, we sometimes leave it and never clean it up.

We have provided some helpful hints on how to give your appliance a quick clean once over to ensure you can best keep the mould and bacteria at bay and keep your fridge from smelling like a sewer.

Safety First! Please ensure that you have disconnected the appliance from the mains before starting any repair.

Regular care and maintenance will be beneficial for both yourself and the fridge, preserving the longevity of your appliance and saving you the arm ache later.

  • From time to time take a look at the door seal - check for any signs of food or liquids that may have harvested into the folds of the gasket, developing the pungent smell over time.
  • Give the shelves and trays a quick scrub - stubborn mould and bacteria can breed making your fridge their new home.
  • The drainage hole at the back of the fridge may have been blocked with food particles.
  • If required, replace the internal filter as it may not be removing the odours.
  • A regular clean out and wipe down can help prevent the smells from lurking inside your fridge.

eSpares Top Tip: Use a fridge deodorizer to help keep those smells at bay, which you can purchase from our website here.