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My Cooker is Not Lighting!

If you have come to use your cooker but found that it simply won't ignite, you are at the right place to try to diagnose the cause. We list some of the parts that could be at fault for your oven ignition failing to produce a flame - and give advice on how you can confirm if they are indeed the cause of why your cooker is not lighting.

Regular maintenance of your cooker could help prevent unforeseen faults, however from time to time you could go to use your cooker and find that the oven simply will not ignite.

If you choose to have a gas cooker in your home compared to an electric appliance, this could be a problem which if not resolved could plague the effectiveness of your cooking and baking.

Here we have the possible reasons as to what could be causing your cooker not to be lighting correctly, and we explain what you need to check to identify if any of these causes are to blame for the problem. 

Cause 1

Spark Generator

If the flames do not ignite inside your oven, and you have confirmed that the gas supply has not been blocked, then the fault will typically be with the spark generator.

As modern cookers use electronic ignition systems, over time they can falter then require replacing.

The spark generator is the module which provides power to the electrode; when the generator is working fine then your electrodes will spark and “click” into life.

Diagnosing a fault with the spark generator is simple:

  • To begin simply press the button which would normally generate the spark in your oven.
  • If none of the electrodes “click” or emit a spark then you can confirm that your fault is with the spark generator.

Before you start please don’t forget to turn off your machine before starting any repair work.

So once you have identified that your spark generator is faulty, you can change it with a replacement here from our extensive range of cooker spares on the eSpares website.

Cause 2

Oven Electrode

If you've had your heart set on trying that new recipe only to find that your oven is not lighting - this could seem like a disaster. However, the fix could be simple, see our helpful steps below to help identify the fault and hopefully restore your cooker without the cost of a new appliance.

When gas is fed through the cooker, the electrode springs to action and provides the burner with a spark to fire up.

Here we tell you how to check the electrode for possible damage, which could be the reason for your cooker refusing to light up.

Before you start please don’t forget to turn off your machine before starting any repair work.

  • The electrode is usually located near the oven burner at the base of the oven.  
  • To check the electrode for faults remove the bottom metal plate on the inside of the oven (located underneath the bottom oven shelf).
  • You’ll typically find the electrode secured with a clip or a screw depending on your model.
  • Inspect the oven electrode for defects and replace if needed.

If you have completed the steps above, and have concluded that you do indeed need to change the electrode, we have a wide range available within our extensive range of cooker spares on eSpares.