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My Cooker Hood Is Not Working

A working cooker hood is designed to remove airborne grease, cooking smells and fumes from your kitchen, whilst reducing the amount of grease build up. So if your extractor hood is refusing to co-operate, this article should help to keep your kitchen odour and grease free whilst you cook your scrumptious delights.

Cause 1

Fan Motor

The purpose of the motor is to draw cooking air and odours into the hood, where it is then extracted outside or is recirculated back into the kitchen as cleaned air (depending on your model).

If your cooker hood is not working when you turn it on, follow the steps below:

Safety First! Please ensure that you have disconnected the appliance from the mains before starting any repair.

  • Depending on your model, to access the motor’s fan blades you may need to remove the grease and carbon filters.
  • With the filters removed you should see the motor.
  • Remove the screws that are holding it in place and inspect the fan blade for damage and confirm it rotates freely.
  • If the impeller is in good condition then the most likely cause is the fan motor.

If the motor is the root cause of your faulty cooker hood, see our extensive range of available fan motors and other cooker hood spares.