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Lawnmower Blades not Turning

Lawnmowers require the blades to spin in order for you to cut your grass. If the blades cannot spin then your lawnmower would only be good as a paperweight. In this article we have identified some possible reasons to why your blades may no longer spin.

Cause 1


Unlike their petrol counterparts, smaller electric mowers require power cables to operate! When there is no power the blades cannot spin. The main culprits which may result in your cable becoming faulty can be:

  • Internal damage from constant flexing and pulling during use.

Safety First! Prior to beginning any repair, please disconnect your appliance from the mains.

If there is no visible damage to the supply cable you can test for continuity using a multimeter, for advice on how to correctly use a multimeter check out our guide.

  • Accidentally running over the power cable - consequently cutting it.

If the cable has been cut then instead of searching for a new appliance which could set you back a pretty penny, browse our catalogue of replacement cables which will get you cutting the grass again while saving you money.

Cause 2

Handle Power Levers

The handle levers on your mower engage the start switch to turn on the power whilst you’re cutting that overgrown lawn. On some occasions, the lever can break during use or if you’ve accidentally hit it against a hard object.

If the handle levers need replacing you can check out our extensive range of lawnmower spares to help restore your appliance.

For assistance on how to replace your handle levers - see our video guide below.

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Cause 3

Start Switch

If your lawnmower fails to start because the switch is not responding, it will not be a good sign especially if you’ve got a barbecue planned. A defective switch can cause intermittent motor power or sometimes no power at all, meaning the grass you were supposed to cut last month will only grow longer.

If the power switch needs replacing see our extensive range of gardening spares here to help restore your lawnmower.

See our video guide on how to replace the start switch.

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