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Gas Grill That Won’t Light Up

If you have found this article because you have an issue with the gas grill not lighting, you have reached the right place. We offer advice on how to diagnose the fault that is causing your grill not to ignite.

Here we explain some potential reasons why your grill will not ignite - and specify the parts that could be causing the issue.

So if you’ve finally set the date and everyone’s agreed to come down to your dinner party, and it had seemed like nothing could go wrong - only to find that the grill won't fire up and it is putting a stop to your evening.

As you have identified that the grill is not working, all of your questions and worries as to why it has happened can be solved by following our step-by-step diagnosis.

Cause 1

Spark Generator

A common cause of a grill failing to ignite can be the spark generator, which helps kick start the flame. If there is no spark being emitted then you’ll be left with no flame.

Before you start please don’t forget to turn off your machine before starting any repair work.

To check your spark unit:

  • Check both the grill burner and the hob burners to see if they’re igniting; you should hear clicking and see sparks.
  • If nothing works, it could be the gas supply causing the dilemma. Make sure the gas tap is turned on, (usually located at the back of oven attached to the wall).
  • Check the power supply to the cooker, as the spark generator will not function without electricity. (The spark generator is located at the back of the oven or under the hotplates).

So if the burners for the cooker are working, we can generally say the spark generator will be functioning as it is igniting. However, if the spark is weak the most likely cause will be the electrode. Please see our advice centre article for more information. 

If your cooker has lost the spark in life we can get you a replacement today.

Cause 2

Grill Electrode

When gas comes through the grill burner, the electrode provides the spark to produce the flame. If your grill is not igniting then follow our steps below to get things heated back up in the kitchen:

Before you start please don’t forget to turn off your machine before starting any repair work.

To check the electrode:

  • Make sure the gas supply is turned on, push the ignition switch you should hear a click as it sparks.
  • The electrode is usually found next to the grill burner at the top of the grill.
  • Inspect the electrode and look for defects and replace if required.

If the electrode needs replacing you can check out our extensive range of cooker spares to help restore your appliance.