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Hotpoint FDL Series Dishwasher Error Code F04

A dishwasher is no doubt a great help for many homes, as after those large family dinners nobody wants to wash the dishes, do they!

Unfortunately however over time, like other appliances, the dishwasher can suffer from a variety of faults.

When the water is refusing to heat up during your dishwasher washing cycle, and it displays an error code F04 (the last light from the left), you may have a fault with either your element or flow through heater.

Without the desired water temperature your plates, dishes, and cutlery could still have a build-up of grease and remnants of your previous meal on them - and the cycle will not complete correctly.

Cause 1


A dishwasher heats the water by using an element in the bottom of the tub, or a flow through heater which can be found at the base of the machine.

Checking the element using a multimeter will give you a clearer diagnosis and will help you to confirm if the fault does originate from a defective element or not.

A multimeter is a device which helps test the electrical resistance of an element. To help understand the purpose of a multimeter, and how exactly to use one, you can see our helpful multimeter guide.

Safety First! Please ensure that you have disconnected the appliance from the mains before starting any repair.

  • Once accessed, place the probes across the element’s terminals.
  • Once they are touching the multimeter should show a reading of 20 to 30 ohms.
  • If the reading is far higher or shows no movement, then the element has likely failed.

If after performing this test you find that you need to replace the element or flow through heater, you can see our handy guide to show you how to do this in our easy step by step guide here:

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