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Heat Escaping From My Rangemaster Cooker

Heat leaking from your Rangemaster cooker is not a rare occurrence, and over time part of your oven door may falter simply through wear and tear. When this happens a simple diagnosis of the issue might lead to the possibility of you just needing to perform a quick repair. This might be all that is needed to get your cooker from being on its appliance deathbed, back to being brimming with life.

The causes listed in this article can help identify exactly what could be causing the heat to escape from your oven. Heat leaking can result in your seal becoming damaged, your controls to melt, food being undercooked - and the front of your cooker could heat up which could lead to possible injury.

To help stop heat escaping, and so to avoid any of these problems from happening on your cooker, just read on to see if you can identify the culprit of your cooker woes. Then by following our simple how-to-guides, you can get your cooker back to working as expected.

Cause 1

Door Seal

Over time the door seal on your oven may perish or become damaged, and when this occurs you might find that heat will escape - this can then lead to several different issues: melted control knobs, the outer part of the door becoming increasingly hot....and maybe even leaving you with food that is being undercooked too.

Safety First! Please make sure that you have disconnected the appliance from the mains before beginning any repair.

To diagnose a faulty gasket, you can perform the following steps to be able to confirm if a replacement seal is needed.
  • Check for any clear signs of damage to the gasket as this will impair the seal’s ability to keep the lovely warm air inside your oven.
  • With the oven switched on, check around the door, if you feel warm air blowing out then you will have identified a gap in the seal.

If you have performed these simple checks, and have noted that the seal does require replacing, you can find the correct gasket within our range of cooker door seals.

Once you have obtained the correct door seal for your oven, you can then see our useful video guide on how to replace it yourself, so that your oven is back to full working order once again.

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Cause 2

Door Catch and Striker

It is common that the striker and catch for your oven door will wear over time or it can snapor shear off, This can be caused by heavy handedness or most commonly wear ands tear. The constant opening and closing can eventually lead it to lose its original shape and breaking.

When this happens you may find that your door will not close securely - leading to heat escaping from the inside of your oven and leaving your food unsercooker. Diagnosis for this issue is simple though, as you can easily see if the striker pin may visibly appear to have worn or become damaged.

If this has unfortunately happened you will need to get a replacement to be sure that you have a safe and working door on your oven resulting in perfectly cooked food.

For a replacement door striker you can see our extensive range of door spares, which are part of our extensive range of cooker and hob related spares, so you can get your oven door closed again - and be on your way to cooking your meals again soon.

For help on how to replace the door striker and catch on your cooker give our simple how to video a watch to get your cooker back up and running.

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