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Gas Hob Not Working

If you are here because your gas hob has decided not to work for you, then well done for coming to the right place for help and advice on how to diagnose the fault.

Hopefully with our advice you will soon know the cause of why there is no gas being produced for your hob.

A hob plays a crucial role in any home's kitchen, as it is perfect for preparing pasta sauces, chilli and a whole host of other delicious dishes.

Homes that have a gas hob require a constant flow of gas to fuel the flames - so when there is no gas you are not going to be able to prepare those tantalising meals!

Cause 1


Also known as an FFD (Flame Failure Device) the thermocouple is responsible for measuring the temperature and verifies that a pilot is lit. Without getting into the science of it all, when the thermocouple operates correctly if there is a good flame on its tip it will ensure a regular gas flow allowing you to begin cooking your food.

To diagnose faults with your thermocouple follow these helpful steps:

  • Push the gas knob down and press the ignition button to light the burner.
  • Continue to hold when lit, this will engage the thermocouple.

Holding the gas knob for approximately 10 seconds allows the thermocouple to heat up so the gas doesn't go out when released.

If the flame continues to go out then you will need a replacement thermocouple, of which we have a large offering within our cooker and hob related spares.

Please Note: that changing or repairing anything connected to the gas is dangerous and should be undertaken by a trained professional.