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Cooker Hood Light Not Working

If you have come to use your cooker hood but the lamp is not working, you will be pleased to know that we can offer you help and support. View our informative step-by-step instructions and video for a guide on how you can repair and fix your cooker hood light.

Keeping your kitchen clean from smoke, steam and smells is really what cooker hoods are best known for. So they really are working hard to keep your room clean and those smelly odours at bay.

If your cooker hood bulb is not lighting, it’s a simple fix and we’ll help you all the way! By following this article, the light will shine brightly on your surfaces as you prepare your delicious meals once again.

Cause 1

Light Bulb

Recently been plunged into darkness? Don’t worry we can bring the light back into your life. If the extractor bulb is not shining, you can follow our simple step by step guide below:

  • Check if power is being sent to your appliance.
  • Are the buttons on your cooker hood working? You can easily check this by trying any of the functions.

Safety First! Please ensure that you have disconnected the appliance from the mains before starting any repair.

  • Carefully unscrew the bulb - you may need to remove the grease filter or light cover to gain access.
  • Look at the bulb holder for damage that could stop the light from working.
  • If all seems well turn your attention to the lamp, look for dark spots or check for a rattling noise - this can indicate a broken filament.
  • Change the bulb if faulty.

The good news is we can get you a replacement lamp right here on our site!

We’ve even got a helpful video showing you how to replace it.

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