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Bosch Dishwasher Error Code E06

If the control board on your dishwasher isn’t recognising that the door lock has engaged correctly, it may cause the wash cycle to not start.

If you are currently experiencing this problem, you may suddenly be greeted with an unexpected E06 error code that is flashing at you on the display panel.

With the help of eSpares, you can see below to help diagnose the fault you're being faced with - hopefully leading to you saving yourself some time and money in the process too!

Cause 1

Door Lock

If you are struggling to get your dishwasher to open but to no avail, it simply won't do as it's being told - don't fret because the fault could lie with the door lock! Following some simple checks, you can diagnose if the shortcoming is, in fact, being caused by the dishwashers lock!

  • Assure the door can close correctly against the latch.

The latch should engage into the door's microswitch. If it does not, then the fault is most likely with the actual lock.

If the door lock requires replacing, you’ll need a replacement. Fortunately, we have a wide range of available door locks within our extensive range of dishwasher spares on eSpares.

Safety First! Please make sure that you've switched off your appliance and disconnected it from the mains before beginning any repair.

For help on replacing the faulty part, we have a simple to follow video guide which will assist you in the steps required to access the inside of the panel to locate the lock - and get you on the way to repair it yourself!

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