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AEG Washing Machine Error Code E30/E31/E40/E41/E42/E43/E44/E45

If you’ve gone to start the washing machine only to be greeted with an error code, you won’t be impressed. Having to struggle with the washer door to operate can be frustrating when you know you’ve got plenty of other chores to complete.

If the digital display on your washing machine is showing either E30/E31/E40/E41/E42/E43/E44/E45 error code, the most likely cause for this could be a faulty door lock. Luckily, we have looked into the possible causes for the issue to arise and hope to help you restore your appliance to its former glory.

Cause 1

Door Lock

If your door on your AEG washing machine refuses to close and the handle appears to be fine, this could likely be a fault with the door lock. If the door lock does not engage into the latch the door will not lock - when this happens you will be stuck - not being able to wash your garments.

  • Check the door - you need to confirm that the lock does engage correctly.
  • If there is power to the washing machine and the lock does not engage you will need to replace the lock.

If a new lock is required, don’t worry because our range of washing machine spares can be found here and could help you restore your washer.

For help to replace your faulty lock see our guide to replacing a faulty washing machine door lock.

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