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How to Set an Oven Clock

If the clock on your electric oven is displaying the wrong time, it's important to know how to change the time on your oven to avoid confusion and get it back on schedule. However, the clock-changing process isn't always clear, which is why we're here to show you how to reset the clock on an electric oven step by step.

Why is my oven's clock showing the wrong time?

There are a few possible reasons for your electric oven's timer to be displaying the wrong time. One is clocks jumping forwards or backwards with daylight savings, which can leave your oven's display time an hour ahead or an hour behind if you haven't manually changed it.

Another reason is a possible interruption to your oven's power supply. This will cause the clock to flash regularly and your appliance to be stuck in automatic mode, meaning you cannot use the oven manually and will need to change the time to get it back in action.

How to reset the clock on an electric oven

Let's take a look! To learn how to change the time on an electric oven clock, either watch our video below or read our step-by-step guide beneath.

Step 1: Find the clock function

To reset the timer, you'll first need to reach the clock function on the display screen. Press the middle button of the three buttons beneath the clock three times, or however many times it takes for the small clock icon to appear on the display screen.

Pressing The Middle Button Of The Three Buttons Beneath The Oven Clock Three Times To Reach Clock Function

Step 2: Change the time

You can now change the clock to the correct time by using the left and right buttons beneath the clock display screen. The left button will turn the time back and the right button will turn the time forwards. Adjust the time using these buttons until you reach the correct time.

Using The Left And Right Buttons Beneath The Oven Clock Display Screen To Change The Time

Step 3: Set the time

Once you've changed the clock to the right time, you can set the clock by pressing the middle button once more. This will lock the time in, leaving your oven ready for timely use again.

Setting The Oven Clock By Pressing The Middle Button Beneath The Clock Once More

And there you have it, that's all there is to changing the time on an electric oven timer. Your appliance should now be back up to speed.

While you're here, why not make sure your oven is in great shape as well as in time? Our oven cleaning guide will help you get your appliance sparkling and looking as good as new once more. We also have a clock changing video playlist on our YouTube channel to help you change the time on your other household appliances too.

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