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Win an electric Fiat 500 Electric Action! Spend over £30 or send us a letter...

How to Replace the Door Handle and Interlock on a Dishwasher - Smeg

Over time the handle on your dishwasher can be subject to being over-used, or knocked and bumped leading it to become damaged. It could also possibly be damaged from you pulling it too hard.

This video is going to show you how to replace the door handle on your dishwasher, but is also going to show you how to replace the door interlock - as this could also be a cause of your door not opening or closing correctly.

If you need to replace the handle on your dishwasher, you will be pleased to know that you have found the right website to help you out! If you have no idea where to begin, there is no need for you to panic - we’ll show you how to replace the handle successfully without damaging your appliance.


This video shows an example on how to remove or replace the part on a typical machine, some models may be different but the procedure should be similar.

What You Will Need:

Step 1 - Safety Advice

Safety First! Please ensure that you have disconnected the appliance from the mains before starting any repair.

Caution: Due to the sharp edges exposed we suggest suitable Safety Gloves are worn to help prevent injury when carrying out this repair.

Step 2 - Separate The Control Panel From The Inner Door

Ok then let’s really get started now...proceed to separate the control panel from the inner part of the door. To do this you need to remove the screws that are located around the upper part of the door - but leave the two that are holding the interlock on.

Step 3 - Replace The Handle

On this particular model, once we have separated the control panel from the inner part of the door you can see that the handle has completely come away from the machine. The two edges have entirely snapped off, so we just need to slot the new handle in.

Step 4 - Replace The Door Interlock

When replacing a part like a door interlock (which connects to the control panel using wires) - you need to be very careful that you connect up the replacement in exactly the same way as it was to the old part.

The two wires are pretty much identical, so take a photo and transfer them to the same position on the new lock and then unscrew the two screws that we left earlier. You will then be able to screw in the new interlock connected up in exactly the same way.

Congratulations on completing the repair yourself! You have been able to replace the door handle and interlock on your dishwasher - all because of your hard work and a little help from us at eSpares.

You will now be able to use your dishwasher knowing that there is a steady reliable handle on your door, and that the interlock is working correctly, enabling your door to be opened and closed correctly.

Time To Clean Your Dishwasher?

If you have noticed that your dishwasher has been left without a good clean for a while, you can show it some loving care and attention by cleaning it with the eSpares Limescale & Detergent remover

This will help maintain the performance of your dishwasher, and protect it from limescale build-up, bad odours and bacteria build-up.

Need To Locate The Correct Door Handle Or Interlock For Your Dishwasher?

Here at eSpares we have a wide range of Door Handles and Interlocks  performing this repair yourself will save you money in avoiding engineer call outs or even buying a new appliance.

For more tips and help to diagnosing faults with your appliances you can see the other articles available within our advice centre.

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