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Zanussi Washing Machine Error/Fault Codes

If your Zanussi washing machine has stopped working you may be stumped, but take another look at the control panel of your machine. The washing machine may be displaying an error code, which will give you an idea as to the cause of the problem.

Error codes are designed to help washing machine engineers fix your appliance, but as long as you know which fault code corresponds with each Zanussi washing machine problem you can use them to help you fix your machine yourself and save money!

Safety First! Please make sure that you’ve switched off your appliance and disconnected it from the mains before beginning any repair.

Identifying Zanussi Washing Machine Error Codes

Error codes on Zanussi washing machines will be displayed in two different ways. If your machine has an LCD display you’ll see the letter E (E is for Error) followed by two numbers.

If your machine has no LCD display however, combinations of LEDs on your machine will flash.

-          On some machines the Start/Pause button LED will intermittently flash between green and red. Count the flashes. The red flashes indicate the first number; the green flashes indicate the second number. For example if there are two red flashes and four green flashes the fault code the washing machine is showing is E24, a problem with draining the water.

-          On some machines the Start/Pause button LED and End of cycle LED will flash, pause, and then flash again. Count the number of flashes between each pause for both LEDs. The number of flashes on the End of cycle LED indicates the first fault code number; the number of flashes on the Start/Pause LED indicates the second fault code number. For example if the End of Cycle LED flashes twice and the Start/Pause LED flashes four times your machine is displaying fault code E24.

The letter A is indicated by 10 flashes.
The letter B is indicated by 11 flashes.
However the fault codes which contain either the letter A or B relate to faults which are unlikely to be experienced with washing machines designed for and used in the UK.

It’s also worth noting the way LED fault codes are displayed can differ from model to model so consult your user manual for model specific info.

Without further ado, here are the problems behind each Zanussi washing machine error code.


If your Zanussi washing machine is not filling with water as it should be, fault E11 will be displayed. In order to diagnose washing machine filling problems you’ll need to check the hose which lets water into your machine (the inlet hose) is correctly connected and not squashed. This fault could also be caused by a faulty water inlet valve (the valve that lets water into your machine) or the water supply to your machine not being switched on enough.


The E13 error code indicates a leak on your machine. If your model of Zanussi machine has a water leak detection system you may see this error. You’ll need to find the cause of the leak, remove water from the base and fix the leak to clear this fault.

E21, E23 or E24

E2* fault codes relate to washing machine draining problems. For all three fault codes, E21, E23 and E24, check there are no blockages in the filter or pump, check the pump itself and its wiring and connections and check there are no blockages in the pipe or spigot under the sink which connects to the drain hose; sometimes gunk can build up there and stop washing machines from draining properly.

If your washing machine pump needs replacing, Mat demonstrates how to do so:

E33, E35, E36, E37 or E39

All E3* error codes have to do with the pressure switch, the part in your washing machine that monitors the amount of water in the drum. The switch itself could be faulty or the hose and chamber which lead to the switch could be blocked which is quite a common problem.

·         E35 indicates the water level in your machine is too high. As well as being caused by a faulty pressure switch, this error can be displayed if there is excessive foaming in your machine as a result of adding too much detergent.

·         E33, E36, E37 and E39 all indicate an error in the pressure switch circuit so check the switch itself and the wiring and connections to it.

E40, E41, E42, E43, E44 or E45

If the error code on your machine begins E4* it indicates a problem with the door lock. You’ll need to check the door lock itself and the wiring and connections between the door lock and the main control board to get to the bottom of this series of faults.

·         E40 – The most common cause of this error code is a faulty door lock, but it could also be caused by the door being left open or faulty wiring.

·         E41 – This error code indicates your washing machine door is open so check it’s closed! Check the door lock if the error persists.

·         E42 – As above check the door lock and wiring to it.

·         E43 – This fault indicates an error with the part of the control board that controls the door lock. Check the connections and wiring between the two.

·         E44 – There is most likely a problem with the circuit that detects whether or not the door is closed, so check wiring and connections to the door lock as above.

·         E45 – As with fault E43 this fault indicates an error between the main control board and the door lock.

If you find you need to replace your washing machine door handle, see our video below:


E51, E52, E53 or E54

E5* Zanussi washing machine error codes relate to faults with the motor in your washing machine. You’ll need to check the motor itself, motor brushes and wiring and connections to the motor to get to the bottom of a motor fault. Here’s what each individual fault indicates:

·         E51 – Motor triac fault: the part of the motor control board (PCB) which controls the spinning speed has failed or is faulty.

·         E52 – Motor tacho fault: the part of the motor which detects the spinning speed has failed or developed a fault.

·         E53 – As E51 this fault code indicates another problem with the motor triac.

·         E54 – There is power coming in to the washing machine motor when it should be inactive. Check the connections between the motor and the control board and if they’re okay, suspect the board.

E61, E62, E66 or E71

E6* or E7* fault codes relate to a problem with the heating system in your Zanussi washing machine. You’ll need to check the heating element, the temperature sensor and the connections and wiring to both. Each fault relates to a specific problem with the heating system.

·         E61 – Your machine is not heating the water effectively, usually caused by a faulty heating element.

·         E62 – The water in your washing machine has been overheated, most likely due to a faulty control panel.

·         E66 – This fault indicates an error with the connections to the heating element.

·         E71 – The temperature sensor in your machine is displaying as faulty, check the sensor and the wiring to it.

E82, E83, E93, E94, E95, E96 or E97

E8* and E9* error codes relate to a programming fault in your machine’s control board. Many Zanussi modules are ‘configured’ using a combination of button presses to match your machine,  if you see one of these faults we recommend contacting a Zanussi agent directly to enlist one of their engineers to fix your machine.

EA1 (10 + 1 flashes)

This error code only relates to top loading washing machine models and indicates a fault with the drum positioning system. If you live in the UK you’ll most likely have a front loading washing machine, so won’t see this fault. 

EB1, EB2 and EB3 (11 + 1, 11 + 2 or 11 + 3 flashes)

EB* fault codes relate to a problem detected with the mains power supply coming into the machine. You are unlikely to see this fault code unless you’re using your washing machine in a different country than the one it was designed to work in.

Once you’ve established the cause of the washing machine fault you’re halfway to fixing it. If you find you need to replace a part in your machine you just need to take care to get the right spare part for your model number. Use our handy model number finder if you’re having problems. Then all you need to do is fit your replacement part in your washing machine and if you need a helping hand our playlist of washing machine diagnostic videos have step by step guides to help you diagnose and fix your appliance. 

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