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Whirlpool American Style Fridge Freezer Error/Fault Codes

Is your Whirlpool American style fridge freezer displaying a code on the LCD display? Is the alarm LED flashing and a beeping sound coming from your machine? Sounds like your fridge freezer has detected a problem which could mean it's not keeping your food cool properly so you’ll need to get to the cause of the fault to fix it.

Below we have the fault codes you’re likely to encounter in Whirlpool American style fridge freezer and possibly other Whirlpool fridge freezer models too. But first things first, if you’re mystified as to the internal workings of your appliance watch our handy video to give you an idea of how your fridge freezer works.

Whirlpool American Style Fridge Freezer Error Codes Decoded

Now you've got to know how your fridge freezer works you'll be able to better understand the below fault codes that you may encounter.

Safety First! Please make sure that you've switched off your appliance and disconnected it from the mains before beginning any repair.

D – Air damper faulty

The air damper draws cold air from the freezer into the fridge to cool it. Check the wiring to the damper and the damper itself; if it is faulty it will need replacing.

C – Fridge or freezer temperature sensor fault

If there is a problem with either the fridge or freezer temperature sensor in your Whirlpool fridge freezer you may see this error code. Check the wiring to the sensors and the sensors themselves. Replace them if necessary.

CF – Control board error

The control boards which control the electronics in your machine are not working as expected. Check the wiring between them, but it’s most likely one of the boards has developed an issue and will need replacing.

--  – Freezer temperature too hot (above -11°C)

There are a number of possible reasons why your freezer isn’t cooling as it should. There could be a fault with the evaporator fan (which circulates cold air around your freezer), the compressor fan (which circulates air over the compressor and condenser coils to stop them from overheating) or the compressor itself (which compresses the refrigeration gas in your machine, a necessary part of cooling your fridge). You’ll need to check all of these parts and the connections and wiring to them to establish what’s causing your fridge to overheat.

For more information watch Josh explain the causes of excessive ice build up in frost free fridge freezers.

- 7 – Alarm engaged

If there has been an issue with the electrical supply to your Whirlpool Fridge Freezer you may see this error code. This is to warn the power has been off and therefore the food could have defrosted. Check the food 'condition' and if suspect and could have been defrosted for more than a few hours discard the food. Try resetting the alarm as this will usually clear the error.

Fridge Door Open

This code is self explanatory – the fridge door is detected as being open. Ensure the door is fully closed then check the sensor and wiring and connections to the control board if the fault hasn’t gone away.

Freezer Door Open

As above this error is not a tricky one to understand! If your freezer door is detected as open, check that the door is firmly shut. If the error persists then check the sensor, control board and wiring and connections between the two.

If you’ve identified your fault code you may need a replacement part to get your Whirlpool fridge freezer working well again. We’ve got you covered there too; you can find the parts you need here on our site as well as information about fridge freezer repairs and maintenance so you can look after your appliance and minimise the chance of encountering more fault codes in the future.

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