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Top Tips to Cook the Perfect Christmas Dinner

Christmas Day, a very special day filled with gift giving, family and most importantly the Christmas dinner! If you don’t have a concise game plan you could be left with no space in your oven, nowhere to chill your wines and be left with a hob or oven which you’ll need to scrape clean.

Luckily however this article should give you some helpful tips and insight on how to utilise your kitchen, maximise space, manage time and ensure the clean-up can be less of a hassle.

 Oven Shelf Guard

View Oven Shelf Guard

We understand that in the kitchen, accidents can happen - especially during that one hectic day of the year. Juggling between checking your veg and the meat in your oven, it’s logical that you could end up brushing the hot edge of your oven shelf.

This easy to add and remove oven shelf cover is made from heat resistant silicon which can fit onto your wire shelf. It can be opened out and clipped along the edge of your wire rack to ensure you don’t accidently burn your hand or arm.


 Extendable Oven Shelf

View Cooker & Hob Shelves

Of course, it wouldn’t be Christmas day without suddenly having any extra shelf space in your oven. Being unable to cook your roast potatoes at the right time could leave your meat and vegetables to cool and dry out. A simple way to add more space is to use an extra oven shelf; this extendable universal shelf can fit a wide range of ovens and can be simply popped into your oven.


 Base Oven Shelf

View Universal Base Oven Shelf

If you’re still finding that space is a premium and you’re not using the full cavity of your oven then you may want to consider an oven shelf…however this base oven rack is different. It has legs on either side; with the legs dropped down you can rest the shelf on the base of your oven providing you with a safe and stable surface for an extra baking tray.


 Baking Trays

View Extendable Baking Tray

Now let’s be real, a single baking tray is not enough, especially when you’ll be cooking your turkey and even possibly a gammon joint. After adding an extra shelf or two you may now be in need of a bonus oven tray.

Now there is a large variety of oven trays at eSpares however allow us to recommend a universal extendable oven tray. The benefit of this additional tray is that it can be expanded (like the wire shelf mentioned above) ensuring you can make the most of your oven.


 Oven Base Liner

View Oven Base Liner

With the oven full of vegetables and meat it may be unavoidable that some oils or "juices" may spill and splash inside your oven. If not cleaned these can eventually dry and become burnt on, leading to your ovens lining to slowly perish. To help prevent this from happening, using an oven base liner can help protect the bottom of your cooker.

A reusable non-stick liner can also ensure that any overflowing veg can be easily removed from the oven and cleaning can be done by a simple wipe or even add it your dishwasher's next load to clean.


 Wine Bottle Holder

View Universal Fridge Bottle & Wine Rack

Now sitting down with your plate of turkey, vegetables and pigs in blankets can’t be complete without a glass of chilled wine. However the bottle needs to go somewhere and like most, you may find very limited space in your fridge due to it being over stocked with food and other treats.

Fitting a universal wine bottle holder to the underside of your fridge shelf will of course take advantage of that empty space. It safely hangs off the existing shelf and allows you to store your wine or champagne without sacrificing that valuable shelf space.


 Anti Mould Fridge Mat

View Anti Mould Fridge Mat

This next tip is more for helping to preserve the spare and left over vegetables for longer. An anti mould mat allows for the air in your fridge to circulate – this then slows down the formation of mould. The mat can be cut down to a more suitable size and fitted into your fridge crisper drawer to help extend its life span.


 Fridge Deodoriser

View Fridge Odour Absorber

During the Christmas period, many of us stock our fridges with food that we would normally not have. From smelly fish to stinky blue cheese – over time these smells can linger in your fridge far into the New Year.

To help rescue your sense of smell, a deodoriser fitted into your fridge can help eliminate the smells and keep your fridge smelling fresh throughout the festive period and into the New Year.


 Meat Thermometer

View Meat Thermometer

With the turkey out of the oven you don’t want to begin carving only to find that your meat isn’t correctly cooked. Finding your meat to be a little pink is not the best way to serve it to your guests, so using a meat thermometer can help reduce the risk of an undercooked turkey.

Simple to use, pushing the probe into the thickest part of the meat, usually the inner thigh - and when the temperature reads 180°F you can feel confident that your meat is cooked.


 Clean Up

After feasting you’ll want to sleep it off, however getting your kitchen cleaned should be your main priority. When performing the dreaded tidy up the unlucky souls who get the job may have to struggle with cleaning the hob, oven and scraping the leftovers off the plates. However you can make it a tad bit easier for them by investing in a good quality dishwasher rinse aid and detergent. We at eSpares recommend our dedicated dishwasher cleaning products to leave your glassware and crockery sparkling clean. 

View All Dishwasher Cleaning Products

Also, a good quality oven and hob cleaner can help remove those burnt on spills and splashes which you may not notice while busy cooking your feast. Using a friendly cleaner will help to not only remove the burnt on foods but do it without leaving any scratches. When cleaning the oven cavity you should also take advantage of cleaning the wire shelves. At eSpares, we only want you to use the best and our cleaning product range has what you need to deep clean and protect your cooker.

View All Cooker & Hob Cleaning Products

And there you have it, a handful of helpful products to make not only cooking the Christmas dinner less of a mess but you can also restore your kitchen and make it appear that Christmas never took place.

From us here at eSpares we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year.

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