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Smelly Vacuum? An eSpares Freshener Test

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It's really frustrating when you vacuum your home and you're left with a lingering, dusty smell.

If you have a smelly vacuum cleaner, there are a number of things you can do to get it working properly and keep it smell-free. If your vacuum uses bags make sure these are changed when full. It's also important to regularly clean and/or replace the filters in your vacuum to keep it working properly.

If you've given your vacuum a good service, but you find it's still leaving your home with a dusty smell, you might want to try using a freshener to help get rid of it.

We've got a few listed on the eSpares site which are all relatively inexpensive, and so we thought we'd test them, most are appropriate for bagged or bagless vacuums. Here's what we found:


Given the carpets we tested were fairly clean to begin with we really just wanted to test for the scents themselves and their strength.

Vacuum: Numatic Henry HVR200

Fresheners: each vacuum air freshener was added into a new bag and placed into the vacuum cleaner

Time: Vacuum was tested in different rooms for approximately 5-7 minutes



Vacuum Type


Scent & Strength


Recommended Room Size

blossom Bagged or can be sprinkled directly onto carpet      Blossom - Noticeable scent, really nice and floral-esque       Recommend for mid-large size room
eucalyptus Bagged or bagless   Eucalyptus

Nice eucalyptus scent, helping to freshen the room. 
  Especially beneficial in large rooms. 
spring fresh Bagged or bagless   Spring Fresh

Fresh 'spring' scent. Definitely noticeable but not too strong
  Recommend for mid-large size rooms
lavender Bagged or bagless   Lavender

Very subtle scent. Really nice, neutral smell
  Recommend for small-mid size rooms
lime Bagged or bagless   Lime

Quite distinct smell without being too strong. Not too 'limey'
  Recommend for small-mid size rooms
spring bouquet Bagged or bagless   Spring Bouquet

Really nice, floral and fairly strong scent
  Recommend for mid-large size rooms

Overall, we felt each freshener was true to it's 'scent' and worked well in generating a nice smell in the rooms we tested. Depending on what size room, the dustiness and type of scent you fancy will best determine which one will work best for you. 

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