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Samsung Washing Machine Fault Error Codes

If your machine is showing a two character 'fault code' in the display and it does not complete a cycle then it is likely to have a problem. In this video, we  show how to identify the cause to enable you to repair the problem on a Samsung washing machine.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Mat from eSpares, in this video I'll be showing how to identify error code on a Samsung washing machine.

An error code is displayed on a washing machine if the washing machine has a problem. In Samsung's case this is indicated by two figures on the digital readout at the front.

Now error codes are guides and can be misleading, but they should certainly be used to help you identify what is going wrong in your machine.

Safety first, always unplug an appliance before carrying out any work.

Now here is a list of Samsung error codes for washing machines.

The first one is E1 or 4E which indicates an input error on the washing machine. It means it is having trouble filling with water, so the first thing to check is for a blocked, kinked or trapped hose, and the second thing to check is the valves the inlet valves within the machine.

Now if your machine is displaying E2 or error code 5E this is an output error. It means the machine is not able to empty correctly, so the first thing you should check is the filter for any debris that may be stuck in there.

Now if your machine is displaying DE this is a door error and it means that the door is not able to close properly. So make sure it's properly closed and if the problem persists you need to check the lock itself.

Now if your machine is displaying an e7 error code that relates to the pressure switch. So check the hose for any blockages or breaks and how it connects to the pressure switch and the pressure switch itself.

Now if your machine is displaying EB all BE this is a motor triac error, and this is normally to do with a fault in the control board, but if the problem persists check the motor itself and its connections.

HE1 or CE relates to a temperature overheat, meaning that the temperature sensor is not giving the correct readings or the control board has failed meaning the machine is heating all the time.

HE2, T5, T6, EC or TC relate to a temperature sensor error, meaning that the temperature sensor is not getting the correct readings or that the heater has failed, replace both if necessary.

Now if your machine is displaying E4 or UE this is an unbalanced error code and it means that the machine hasn't been able to balance out the load during a cycle, so make sure the opening similarly weighted items inside the drum before you put it on a spin cycle otherwise it won't spin anymore. You can see a further eSpares video on how best to balance out washing load during a cycle in a separate video.

Error 3e indicate a tacho error, meaning that the control board cannot identify the correct motor speed. Check the tacho coil on the motor itself for continuity.

Error LE is a water level error, meaning you could have a leak during a cycle or the drain hose has dropped too low below the drum and water is having to siphon away.

So there you have it, washing machine error codes for Samsung washing machine. Remember these are a guide but can certainly be used to help you fix the problem if necessary.

Parts for washing machines and other appliances can be found on the eSpares website.

Thanks for watching.

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