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LG Washing Machine Error/Fault Codes

If your trusty LG washing machine has sadly malfunctioned it may tell you what the problem is by displaying an error code. These codes can differ from model to model but if you have an LG washing machine we have here the fault codes you may encounter.

The fault will look different depending on whether your machine has LEDs or a LCD display so we’ve given you both options for each fault where applicable.

Decoding LG Washing Machine Error Codes

Here's Mat explaining what all the different fault codes mean:

For more information about your specific error code read on and save money on a costly washing machine repair by fixing it yourself!

Safety first: Always unplug the appliance before carrying out any work.

CL - Child Lock Engaged

You’ll see this code if the child lock is on. You’ll need to turn it off before you can access the buttons on the control panel of your washing machine. The buttons to press to release the child lock vary from model to model – check your manual. (If you’ve lost your manual you can try downloading it from our site.) For some models you can release the child lock by simultaneously holding down the two buttons either side of the lock symbol for a few seconds. You will most likely be able to set your child lock feature the same way.

OE (or 800, 500 and no spin lights illuminated or flashing) - Washing machine has failed to drain the water

If the washing machine has failed to drain water this could be caused by a number of issues. These are the most likely causes of the error and the first places you should check:

-          The washing machine filter for any debris

-          The drain pipe for an obstruction

-          That the drainage hose has not been kinked or squashed

-          That there is nothing obstructing the drainage pump

-          The drainage pump connections

If the pump in your washing machine needs replacing here's Mat to the rescue:

IE (or pre and main wash lights illuminated or flashing) - Water fill time out

This error indicates your washing machine is experiencing problems filling with water. Like the issue above there are a number of reasons this fault could occur. Check:

-          That the water supply is on, the fill hose is connected correctly and the water in the pipes isn’t frozen

-          That there is no blockage in the hose leading to the pressure sensor (the sensor which detects the water level)

-          The inlet valve that lets water into the machine and the wiring and connections to it

-          The main control panel

dE (or door lock light illuminated or flashing) - Washing machine door detected as being open

If this code appears on your machine the first step is to check the door is fully shut. This could fix the fault, but if not there could be an issue with the door handle or door lock mechanism. It’s also worth checking the wiring between the door lock and the main control board.

UE (or the lights from 1 to 6 all illuminated or flashing) - Washing machine has detected an imbalanced load

An imbalanced load means your washing machine can’t spread clothes evenly around the drum, so doesn’t go into fast spin cycle as doing so could damage the machine. Imbalanced loads can be caused by washing just one heavy item in a load full of light items or a bundle of clothes getting knotted up in a duvet cover. To avoid imbalanced loads in future:

-          Wash multiple heavy items together

-          Close duvet covers

-          Don’t over or under fill machine

It's also important to check the washing machine is stable to prevent excessive rocking and noise during the faster spin cycles. If you find your machine rocks from side to side adjust the feet underneath it.

SE - Motor fault detected

A motor fault displaying could be caused by either the motor or a problem with the electronics in your machine. The areas in your machine that could be causing this fault other than the motor itself are the:

-          Connections between the motor and the main control module

-          Motor tacho (the part which monitors the speed of your motor)

-          Main control module

CE - Current error to the washing machine

This fault is indicative of a problem with the electric current in your machine. It could be caused by a short circuit within the machine, or there could be a problem with the electrics in your home. If you suspect the latter you’ll need an engineer to take a look, but if you suspect a problem with your machine check the main motor, the control module and the power supply.

LE - Washing machine motor locked error

Most LG machines use a direct drive motor which spins the drum directly rather than using a belt. Both parts of the motor (the rotor and stator) will need checking for wear and tear and the drum should be checked for trapped objects stopping it from moving.

A locked motor error code can also be caused by problems with the door lock as per error DE. The door handle, door lock or its wiring and connections could be at the root of this problem.

FE (or synthetic, wool, blanket or pre and main lights illuminated or flashing) – Washing machine has detected an overfill situation

Machine overfill faults are commonly caused by too much foam in the machine as a result of overloading it or adding too much detergent to the wash. This can give the pressure sensor (the part in your machine which detects the water level) an inaccurate reading. If there’s not excessive foam visible in your machine check the pressure hose for blockages or the pressure sensor or water level sensor and their wiring and connections for faults.

tE (or 95, 60, 40 and cold lights illuminated or flashing) - Water heating error detected

There is an error with the heating system in your machine. This could be down to a fault with the heating circuit or with one of these parts:

-          Heating element

-          Connections or wiring to the element

-          Thermistor or Temperature sensor

-          Heater or steam heater

PE (or fuzzy, heating and speedy or super, normal and hold lights illuminated or flashing) - Water level sensor fault

If there is an error with the parts of your machine which detect the water level (the pressure sensor or pressure switch) you’ll see this error. Check the pressure hose for blockages, the sensors and the wiring and connections to them and if you can’t discover a fault then there may be a problem with the main electronics board in your machine.

PF - Power failure

Your machine does not have enough power to run. This could be caused by something simple like a power cable that’s not connected securely or is connected to a multi plug socket rather than directly to a wall socket (LG don’t recommend this). If the washer is connected correctly the fix is a bit trickier – you’ll need to check the wiring and connections between the power coming into your machine and the main control module.

To see the location of potentially faulty part in your machine see our LG error codes video

If you’ve got to the bottom of your LG washing machine fault that’s great news! Now you’re well on the way to fixing it. We have the spares for LG washing machines you need to complete your repair, as well as more video how-to guides to help you carry it out.

Once you’ve successfully replaced the faulty part in your appliance or to reset your machine once a fault has occurred try holding down the play/pause button. This should clear the error and you can launder your clothes fault free!

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