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Identifying Hotpoint or Indesit Error Codes

If a fault is detected in your washing machine, an error code is likely to flash up. Each model's error code is different. To help you understand yours, this eSpares video explains Hotpoint and Indesit washing machine error codes.

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Video Transcript

Hi I'm Mat from eSpares.

In this video I'll be showing you how to identify an error code or fault code in an Indesit or Hotpoint washing machine or washer/dryer.

An error code will be displayed on your washing machine or washer/dryer if the machine has a problem.

Now error codes are a guide and can mislead but should certainly be used to identify the area of the problem within the machine. 

Error codes will be displayed on your machine in one of two ways, either on a digital display which will be a letter followed by two numbers or in the case if this machine by a series of flashing lights.

Now the lights when flashing should be read in a binary fashion, so on the case of this machine we have three flashing lights. One, two and eight, one plus two plus eight equals eleven, therefore it’s error code eleven. Remember when you identify the error code in your machine always make sure you unplug the appliance before carrying out any work.

Now these are the typical Hotpoint and Indesit error codes or fault codes for washing machines and dryers. Now there may be some variances for older models, but please do check our advice centre for up-to-date information and any varieties that may take place.

Fault code 1 or F 001 is related to the motor triac, which is based in the module here. This may result in your motor not spinning and no drive, and it may result in you having to get new module.

Now fault code F 02 relates to the motor being jammed or not being able to move at all, or a fault with the motor tacho itself. This may result in the motor spinning at very high speed and then stopping.

Now fault code 03 or error code 03 relates to the NTC the water temperature sensor, check the connections and replace if required.

Now F 04 or fault code number four relates to the pressure switch. This error code relates to the pressure switch on empty. So check the switch itself its connections and also the hose that feeds it.

F 05 or fault code 05 relates to the pressure switch on full. Check the drain circuit as this is usually caused by debris in the pump.

F 06 or fault code 06 is not generally used but may be a program selector issue on older machines.

The F O7 error is related to the heater relay which is inside the module here. If the heater itself is OK you may need to purchase a new module.

Now the F 08 fault code 0 8 also relates to the heater relays inside the module, check the heater and its connections the pressure switch and its connections and also the connections to the module itself.

F 09 or fault code 09 relates to a faulty or corrupted memory or the programme chip. Now, this may require reprogramming the module using a card reader and new card or it may result in needing a new module itself.

F10 or fault F 10 relates to the pressure switch not sensing. Check its connections and check the connections on the module itself. You can also check the hose to make sure there's no detergent stuck in the hose.

F 11 indicates a problem with the drain circuit. Check the pump and its connections and wiring.

F12 indicates that the upper control board is not communicating with the main control board, check its wiring and its connections.

F13 F-14 and F-15 are related to washer dryer problems specifically. F13 is high temperature rise in drying, checked for blocked airflow or a jammed or faulty fan motor, F 14 code is no heat when drying - check the element and the cut-outs on the dryer heater itself.

F 15 indicates you may have a dry at heater relay problem, whilst F 16 is not generally used on Hotpoint or Indesit washing machines.

F 17 or fault code 17 relates to the door lock. So check the door lock itself and its connections and the PCB that it connects to.

Our last error code F 18 relates to the main module and the front control panel module not communicating with each other, so check the wiring and connections and if they're both okay it may mean that you have to purchase a new main module.

Now it's definitely worth mentioning that Hotpoint and Indesit do not supply programs modules so if you have a problem with the module in your washing machine or washer/dryer you would also have to purchase a programming smart card and a card reader. 

These items will cost you in excess of £200, so it is probably a good idea to go to a reputable repair company such as RepairCare who have a fixed price for this sort of job.

Remember to check our advice centre for up-to-date information and any variances, whilst all spares and accessories for washing machines and washer dryers can be found on the eSpares website.

Thanks for watching.

Note: The original error codes from Hotpoint and Indesit machines only went to F15 but on later machines with the Evo 2 control module they added an additional LED (the power led) to indicate a Binary 16.

If this is lit add 16 to the combination of the other 'option' LED's to give the correct fault code value.

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