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How to Use Limescale and Detergent Remover

Two appliances which require far more TLC than the others are the washing machine and dishwasher! Tasked with the sole purpose to clean mucky clothes and stained dining ware, over time if not maintained the dirt, muck and grime may build up and eventually lead to terrible smells and terrible results.

Mold can harbour harmful bacteria, some may think a new appliance is the next step, however, there is another option which may result in you being the hero of the home!

Cleaning your appliance regularly with a limescale and detergent remover can help:

Our very own cleaner is ideal for keeping your washing machine and even dishwasher in perfect condition. In the video see Josh demonstrate how to use and achieve the best results with our very own, highly rated dishwasher & washing machine limescale & detergent remover from eSpares.


What You Will Need:

Step 1 - The Simple Way

To begin - the simplest way to use the cleaner is to empty a single sachet into an empty machine.

Step 2 - Find The Worst Affected Areas

If you have a bigger problem especially linked with mold and bacteria - which usually builds up within the dispenser drawer, the spray jets or door seal, another great way of using the cleaner is to empty a sachet into an empty spray bottle with some hot water.

Step 3 - Spray and Scrub

With your new, full bottle of washing machine cleaner ready begin spraying the infected areas generously and work it in with a cleaning brush. If the tainted area is really bad you can repeat this process.

Step 4 - Leave No Cleaner Behind

To limit wastage - pour the remainder of your solution into the machine and place it on a hot wash cycle. The cleaner will then work through your entire appliance - helping to loosen and remove any limescale, mold and detergent build-ups.

Or if the problem is only minor you can leave the remaining cleaner in the bottle for another time.

For Use on a Dishwasher

For cleaning your dishwasher the process is the same yet slightly different. Using the solution in your spray bottle - you can again spray around the door seal and place your dishwasher onto a standard cycle.

Step 5 - Let it Run...For 1 Minute

Allow your dishwasher to run for about a minute or until your hear the appliance to begin to fill with water - then empty the remaining solution into the machine.

So there you have it - after following the steps above you should be now be greeted by a clean and mold free appliance. Remembering that this cleaner is perfect for both a washing machine and dishwasher but please note - it is advised to perform this type of cleaning process at least once a month.

For additional tips on how to keep unearthly smells away from your washing machine see our article on How To Clean A Smelly Washing Machine where eSpares' Mat shows you how to stop your busy washing machine from emitting putrid smells.

More About the Cleaner

With 6 sachets to allow for up to 6 months of cleaning - this very efficient cleaner can help not only to protect your machine from limescale & detergent, removes bad odours and dangerous bacteria but the 6 month supply can help boost performance while saving you money.

To read more about this great product see our product page here for more information.

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