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How to Use Karcher Concentrated Detergents

Here at eSpares we love Karcher's line of concentrated detergents, they make cleaning easy and the fantastic space-saving pack is inexpensive to ship and takes near to no space to store. The video below explains the pros of the concentrated cleaner.

Karcher have released four different concentrated detergents to help keep areas around your home clean. A patio and deck cleaner, universal cleaner, car wash and wax and car shampoo can all be diluted to provide you with up to five litres of detergent.

Depending on your model you have the choice of two ways you can feed the detergent. In the video Mat demonstrates a model of Karcher which has an inlet hose which can be popped into the bag. The other has two tanks allowing for two different detergents to be used, this makes it easy to switch from washing and waxing your car to suddenly cleaning your patio.

We have a large variety of detergents available at eSpares which can be found here.

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