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How to Use a Slicer/Shredder Attachment - Kenwood

In this video Mat demonstrates how to use the slicer/shredder attachment for the Kenwood Chef and Major.

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Video Transcript

Hi I'm Mat from eSpares.

This is the AT340 Pro Slicer/Grater attachment, this attachment is fantastic for slicing or grating things such as cucumber, potatoes, cheese or carrots.

The pack contains 7 slicer/grater plates, extra fine shredder, fine shredder, course shredder, two slicing plates, a thin and a thick, a thin chipper and a standard chipper. Also included is the lid, the paddle, two pushers, extension chute, the body and the gearbox assembly.

The Pro Slicer/Grater is used on the high speed outlet and I'll be using setting 3.

To begin using put the body into the gearbox assembly, making sure it’s locked in and put that onto the outlet again locking into position. Grab the desired plate and put that onto the lid, I'll be slicing carrots so I'm using the thin slicer. Put the paddle into position and a little tip, if you're using a slicing plate make sure the paddle is opposite the blade for best use. Put that onto the body, making sure it’s locked into position by aligning the arrow with the lock symbol.

Put the extension chute into place and your pushers and you're ready to start using. Grab your food and put a bowl underneath the extension chute just to catch the food and away you go.

Once you're finished, turn off your machine for safety, and there you have perfectly sliced carrots.

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Thanks for watching.

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