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How to Use a Roto-Cutter Attachment - Kenwood

To make the most out of your Kenwood Chef and Major, it's important to understand how each attachment works. In this video, eSpares explain how to use the Roto-Cutter Attachment, which is perfect for grating cheese and vegetables.

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Video Transcript:

Hi I'm Mat from eSpares.

This is the AT643 roto-cutter attachment, you can purchase this separately or you can purchase this as part of the AT642 roto-cutter and food press combination pack. The roto-cutter is fantastic for cutting food items such as cabbage, carrots, cheese or potatoes.

The pack contains one body, a drum retaining nut, a pusher and five varying drums. A fine shredding drum, a course shredding drum, two slicing drums, a thick and a thin and a rasping drum which is fantastic for grating parmesan cheese which is what I'll be doing in this video.

To begin using, pop your drum inside the body, grab the drum retaining nut, make sure the two tabs are aligned so it’s locked into place. I'll be using this on the slow speed outlet, and I'll be using setting 3.

Pop the cutter into position make sure it's locked in nice and tightly. Grab a bowl to catch the food. Put the Parmesan into the feeder tube and away you go, and there we have perfectly grated parmesan.

Remember all these spares are available on

Thanks for watching.

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