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How to Use a Pasta Shape Maker - Kenwood

Achieve perfect homemade pasta, with the help of the Kenwood Pasta Shape Maker - as demonstrated in this eSpares video.

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Video Transcript

Hi I'm Mat from eSpares, this is the AT910 Pasta Maker attachment.

The pasta maker attachment is fantastic for making your own homemade fresh pasta shapes. The attachment includes, tray or hopper, pasta maker body, the scroll, securing nut, one pasta maker dye, this is the Macaroni Regatti which comes with the attachment, other dyes are available on the eSpares website, cutting assembly, spanner, cleaning tool and the pusher.

The pasta maker attachment is used on the slow speed outlet on a setting of 2 or 3 and works on the Kenwood Chef or the Kenwood Major.

To begin take the cover off your slow speed outlet, attach the body of the pasta maker making sure its securely in place, put your scroll inside until it engages with the machine, grab the appropriate dye, this is secured with the securing nut. Next put your cutting assembly into position and tighten the nut on that.

Put the hopper on top and you're ready to put your pasta dough in. Pop a bowl underneath the attachment to catch your pasta shapes. Put the dough into the hopper and with the machine on simply push your dough through and cut to the desired length.

When finished turn your machine off just to be safe and there you have homemade, fresh pasta shapes. Remember all these parts are available on

Thanks for watching.

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