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How to Use a Multi-Mill Attachment - Kenwood

In this video Mat demonstrates how to use the Kenwood Multi-Mill attachment for the Kenwood Chef and Major.

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Video Transcript:

Hi I'm Mat from eSpares.

This is the multi-mill attachment or the AT320A, I'll be using this on the Kenwood Chef but you can also use this on the Kenwood Major.

The multi-mill is fantastic for milling things such as seeds, nuts or herbs, or even coffee and you can even make garlic butter with it. It's a very simple attachment, it comes with mill body which can also be used as a storage jar, the blades, the base and two additional storage jars but you can purchase more if necessary.

I'll be using this on the high speed outlet and I'll be using setting 5. Simply pop your herbs or foodstuff into the body, put your blades into the base, put the two together making sure it’s screwed in nice and tightly. Pop it onto the outlet again making sure it's locked into place and away you go.

After a few seconds you have finely milled herbs. Remember all these Kenwood parts are available on

Thanks for watching.

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