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How to Use a Food Processor Attachment- Kenwood

The food processor attachment for your Kenwood Chef or Kenwood Major is a great tool to have in the kitchen, and in this video eSpares show you how to use it to make an easy salsa.

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Video Transcript

Hi I'm Mat from eSpares, in this video I'll be demonstrating how to use the food processor attachment or the AT640. For this I'll be using the Kenwood Chef but you can also use this on the Kenwood Major.

Now I'm not using the bowl attachment so I've put a cover on it just to be safe.

The food processor comes with several parts, a knife blade, two slicer/shredder plates – now these are reversible, knife up for slicing, knife down for shredding – and a julienne or thin chopper plate. Other plates are available on, we also have the bowl itself, the lid and two pushers.

Food processors are fantastic for chopping anything from raw vegetables, raw meat to nuts but for the purposes of this demonstration I'm going to be making a very simple salsa.

To begin put your food processor bowl onto the intermediate outlet making sure it’s on nice and tight. Now I'll be using the knife blade, pop that in. Next up, pop your ingredients in, put your lid on, making sure that the arrows align properly, you don't want any nasty accidents and for the salsa I'm going to be using the pulse setting.

After 20-30 seconds remove the lid, give the mixture a good stir, pop your lid back on and give it another 20-30 seconds. Once you’re happy with the mixture, turn your machine off for safety, remove the bowl and there we have very lovely, very easy salsa.

All these spares are available on

Thanks for watching.

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