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How to Use a Flat Pasta Maker - Kenwood

Enjoy fresh, homemade flat pasta - such as Tagliatelle - with the flat pasta maker attachments available from Kenwood. In this video, eSpares show how to use such an attachment on the Kenwood Chef.

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Video Transcript

Hi I'm Mat from eSpares.

Here we have two pasta makers, we have the flat pasta maker, the AT970A and we have the Tagliatelle maker, the AT971A, other flat pasta makers for different pastas are also available.

These are fantastic for making your own fresh, homemade flat pasta, for this I'll be using the slow speed outlet and on setting 1 and these are useable both on the Kenwood Chef and the Major.

Let's start with the flat pasta maker. Secure that into your slow speed outlet making sure it’s nice and flat. Now for flat pasta, always start with its thickest setting which is number 1 on the dial and to get the pasta thinner simply work through the numbers to get the desired thickness. Recommended thickness is from numbers 5 to 7. Start by sprinkling some semolina over the flat pasta maker just to make sure the pasta doesn't stick. Then you're ready to roll your pasta through.

Pop your pasta into the flat pasta maker using the handle as a guide. Turn the machine on then feed the pasta through. Once you've got your pasta at the desired thickness turn the machine off and at the mains just to be safe, now you're ready to make your Tagliatelle.

Remove your flat pasta maker, pop in your Tagliatelle maker, again sprinkle over some semolina just so the pasta doesn't stick. Again on setting 1 feed the pasta through in the same way. Once that's done turn your machine off and at the mains just to be safe, and there you have it, fresh homemade Tagliatelle.

Both of these attachments are available on

Thanks for watching.

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