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How to Use a Continuous Juicer - Kenwood

In this video Mat demonstrates how to use the Kenwood Continuous Juicer for the Kenwood Chef and Major.

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Video Transcript

To begin using the continuous juicer put the bowl onto the base unit, making sure the spout fits in its place. Put the filter basket inside the base unit ensuring that the aligning arrow at the bottom of the filter basket matches the arrow at the bottom of the base unit. Put the lid into position securing it with the interlocking latches and put on to the high speed outlet making sure it’s nice and tightly on.

Grab you pulp collector which slide underneath the lid like so. The juice jug holder fits into position and locks into place. Next grab your juice jug and lid making sure the spout lines up with the entrance and you’re ready to start juicing.

Once finished turn your machine off at the mains just to be safe, and there you have lovely fruit juice.

Remember all these spares are available on the website.

Thanks for watching.

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