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How to Replace the Motor on a Dyson Handheld Stick Vacuum

If your Dyson Handheld Stick Vacuum has stopped working, it could be due to a faulty motor. If you think this could be the issue, this step by step guide will take you through the relevant checks and provide advice on how to replace the motor on your Dyson. 

How to tell if you need to replace the motor on your Dyson Handheld Stick Vacuum

If your Dyson vacuum has stopped working, try checking the battery and charger for any damages or cracks first. If these are fine, the fault could be due to the motor. Another way to tell if the motor is faulty is if there was a strong burning smell before your Dyson vacuum lost power.

Safety First!

Before you begin, make sure your Dyson vacuum is switched off and fully disconnected from the mains.

How to Replace the Motor on a Dyson Handheld Stick Vacuum

If the motor on your Dyson vacuum is faulty, it will need replacing. The video and step by step guide below will take you through your Dyson motor replacement.

Step 1: Remove the wand from the motorhead

Press down on the grey release button and pull the wand away.

Step 2: Remove the bin

Push down on the red catch once to release the flap at the bottom and then again to release the bin itself.

Step 3: Remove the battery

Undo the screw at the back of the handle.

Then, undo the screw at the front near the cyclone and lift the battery out.

Step 4: Remove the cyclone from the motor

Your new motor will come with a separator tool that has two prongs at the top. Use the prongs to press down on the two white catches that separate the cyclone and the motor. Position the separator tool with the ridge at the top near the prongs facing the cyclone and push down on the white catches to release.

Step 5: Attach your new motor

Attach the motor to the cyclone by simply pushing the two parts together.

Step 6: Refit the battery

Refit the battery by sliding it back in place and reattach the two screws.

Step 7: Refit the bin

To refit the bin, ensure that the tab on the front of the cyclone fits under the front lip of the bin and it should click back into place.

Step 8: Refit the wand

Simply slide the wand back in to the motorhead and it should click into place.

Step 9: Test!

Test your vacuum to check if it is working as it should.

We hope this video and guide has helped you to replace your motor and your Dyson Handheld Stick vacuum is back up and running again!

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