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How to Replace the Manual Line Feeder on a Flymo Grass Trimmer

If you find that you can no longer feed the line to get the correct length on your Flymo grass trimmer then it is likely that the manual line feeder is broken and needs to be replaced. This article will give you a step by step guide on how to replace the manual line feeder and get your grass trimmer back up and running again.

Safety first!

Make sure your grass trimmer is fully disconnected from the mains before carrying out any repairs.

Repacing the manual line feeder on your Flymo trimmer step by step

So let's get started. Simply watch the video or follow the step by step guide below to learn how to replace your Flymo strimmer's manual line feeder. You can find a replacement manual line feeder on our online shop.

Step 1: Remove the spool cover

To access the spool cover, you will need to turn your trimmer upside down. Then, remove the spool cover by pushing in the two tabs at each side and lift away.

Step 2: Remove the spool and line

Gently pull on the spool and let the lines ease out of the guides on either side.

Step 3: Remove the manual line feeder

Underneath the spool and line, you will see the manual line feeder. To remove this, use a small flathead screwdriver and pinch in the spring at the end. Then, lift the spring and the manual line feeder out.

Step 4: Fit the spring

Your new manual line feeder will not have come with a spring attached. So, remove the spring from your old feeder and place it on to the new one.

Step 5: Fit the new manual line feeder

To fit your new manual line feeder, put the rear end of it in first (the side without the spring) and guide the spring down on the other side. You can use your flathead screwdriver to help you.

Step 6: Test

Once your new manual line feeder is in place, give it a test to see if it's working correctly. To do this, simply push on the rear end to check that it springs back into place.

Step 7: Replace the spool and line

If it's working fine, it's time to put your grass trimmer back together. First, replace the spool and line by slotting it back on top of the manual line feeder and feed the lines back in between the two guides at each side.

Step 8: Replace the spool cover

Then, place the spool cover over the top and it should click back into place.

Step 9: Test

Test your Flymo grass trimmer to check that you can now successfully feed the line on your appliance.

Hopefully, now that your manual line feeder is successfully replaced, your Flymo grass trimmer is back up and running again.

Caring for your grass strimmer

Grass trimmers can get dirty quite quickly and this can be detrimental to the appliance's overall performance. As such, it's important to make sure you make time to regularly clean yours, especially during spring, summer and times of heavy use.

Should your trimmer develop any further faults, head over to our Trimmers & Garden Vacuums Repair Help & Advice section for more articles on fixing and caring for your appliance. You can also find all the spare parts and accessories you need for your grass trimmer right here on our website.

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